Blackboard - Viewing Student Feedback on Submitted Assignments

Many courses that have students submit documents online utilize the feedback tools to provide student feedback. This tutorial will outline how to access inline and attached feedback files for Blackboard courses.

Please note - not all courses that accept submissions online deliver feedback in this way. Please contact your instructor if you have questions regarding your individual course.

Inline Feedback

  • Navigate to the Blackboard course you wish to view the feedback for, and click the My Grades option on the left side menu

The Blackboard course menu with My Grades highlighted

  • Locate the grade item that you wish to view feedback for, and click the column name (note the change in font color to designate a hyperlink)
    • If the document has multiple attempts, you may need to click the number grade that you received

A typical My Grades display, with a item title highlighted

  • The feedback will be located in the comments and markups section of the inline grading preview.

A review page with the comments and markup section to the right of the primary display highlighted

File Feedback

  • In some cases your instructors may attach a file containing your feedback. This will display as a hyperlink below the numerical grade on the review submission history page.


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