Blackboard - Submitting an Assignment

Many courses require students to submit assignments electronically through the Blackboard system. Submitting through Blackboard has many advantages including uploading from any location and time, and easy verification that a document has been uploaded. This user guide will overview the process of submitting an assignment online through the Blackboard system.

Submitting a Document

  • Locate the course site on Blackboard for the assignment you wish to submit and enter the course site
  • Locate the assignment drop box icon for the assignment you wish to submit - Note, typically assignments are located in the Assignments section of the course (located off the main left side menu)
  • Click the assignment drop box icon

A blackboard course page showing an example assignment

  • Click the browse my computer button, and locate the file you wish to attach - Please note: File names should not be more then 50 characters in length and should not contain any special characters. Additionally, files should be less then 10mb in size.

The Blackboard submit screen with the browse my computer button highlighted

  • Once you have selected your file, enter any comments for your instructor in the comments section

The submit screen with example text in the comments area

  • Click Submit

The submit screen with the submit button highlighted

  • Wait for the confirmation screen to appear

The submission view screen with the confirmation bar along the top of the page highlighted

Note - After your document has been uploaded, the system will give you an estimated wait time until the document preview is available. This does not indicate how much time until your document is submitted, just how long until the preview is avalable. Additionally, after the wait time has elapsed refresh the page to view the document preview - It will not refresh automatically.

  • Click OK

The confirmation page with the OK button highlighted

Verifying a Document was Submitted

  • After submitting a document to a drop box, it's best to make sure it was uploaded correctly. To verify the submission was uploaded, click the document dropbox again.
  • If the document has been successfully submitted, you'll see a rendering of your document appear on Blackboard.

A sample submitted document displaying on the submitted page

Common Issues and Solutions

  • I've attached the wrong file accidentally, what should I do? - If you've attached the wrong file, please contact your instructor for your original attempt to be cleared.
  • The file I've attached gives me an error message - Check to make sure the file name that you're attempting to upload is not longer then 50 characters in length and only contains numbers and letters
  • The file I've attached takes a long time to upload, or after a long period gives me a "timeout" or "access denied" error - Generally this is caused by the file you're attempting to attach being too large. Make sure your file is less then 10mb in size. If you're using a slow internet connection, try uploading from a computer in a Trent computer lab where the upload speed is higher.

Additional Support

  • For additional support, please contact or by phone at 705-748-1010.




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