Blackboard - Hiding old courses from courses list

Blackboard courses are retained on Faculty profiles for a period of 2 years and 8 weeks before being purged from the live system. Blackboard courses remain active on student profiles for several weeks following the end of the term the course took place in.

This tutorial will describe how to hide old courses from your courses list in Blackboard.

Hiding old courses

  • Login to Blackboard through the myTrent portal, and hover your mouse over the title of the My Courses widget. When the gear icon appears in the right corner of the widget, click it.

The My Courses widget with a highlight in the top right corner to illustrate a wheel icon

  • Locate the course you wish to hide from your page from the list, and uncheck all the boxes that are present. Courses without any checked boxes will not appear on your courses list. 

The selection and detail view with highlights on the checkboxes

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click submit



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