Blackboard - Faculty - Tests: Using Test Pools

Blackboard Learn offers you many possibilities for creating and administering tests including tests, surveys and randomized tests (pools)

This document will outline how to use Random Pools of questions in tests.

Creating New Pools

  • Test pools can be created either by importing existing pools from a third party, or by creating them yourself.
  • For assistance with importing third party test pools, please contact
  • To create a new pool yourself, select Tests, Surveys and Pools from the course menu, and select Pools. Click new pool and you'll notice a "Pool canvas" screen. In the pool canvas screen you can create questions to be included in a pool similar to the way that test questions are created.

Adding Question Sets to Tests

  • Using the instructions at Blackboard - Faculty - Creating a Test, create a new empty test.
  • In the test canvas page, hover your mouse over the Reuse Question icon and then click create a question set or a random block
    • A question set allows you to search a test pool for a large number of questions and then specify how many questions a student must complete. For example, if you have a pool of 5 questions and you specify 1 question to display, the computer will show the student one question from the pool selected at random.
    • A random block allows you to search a test pool for specific questions, and then place them in a block for the students to complete. Random blocks are very similar to question sets, with the major difference being that random blocks allow you to select individual questions from a pool, whereas question sets will take the entire pool at random.

  • Once you have specified the questions you'd like to include in your block or question set, enter the number of questions to be included in the test and set the points possible for each question.

  • You can add individual questions before or after a question set/block if you wish. Questions included outside of a set/block will always be shown to the test taker.
  • Once you have completed your test, click the OK button in the bottom right corner.


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