Blackboard - Faculty - Tests: Creating a Test

Blackboard Learn offers you many possibilities for creating and administering tests including tests, surveys and randomized tests (pools)

This document will outline how to construct a new test and how to deploy the test to a course.

Part 1 - Creating a new test

This step involves inputting all of the questions and answers for your new test. When you've completed this, scroll down to the section on deploying your test to make it avalable to the students.

  • From the course tools menu, select Tests, Surveys and Pools

  • From the Tests, Surveys and Pools window, select Tests
  • Click Build Test

  • Enter a test name that will identify this test, and click Submit
  • On the Test Canvas page, you can create or re-use questions from other tests
  • Hover your mouse over create question to review all the question types you can add to your test. The most common questions used in online tests are multiple choice, true and false, short answer and essay. To create a new question click a question type

  • Enter your questions using the method outlined above. When you have finished entering all your test questions click the OK button in the bottom right corner of the Test Canvas page.


Part 2 - Deploying a test

  • Locate the desired location for your test in the Blackboard course. Tests can be deployed to a content area, folder or learning module.
  • Once you have located a suitable location, make sure edit mode is on hover your mouse over the Assessments button and click Test.

  • Select the test you created in part 1 from the list provided and click submit.

  • From the test options page you have the ability to edit the description of the test and set various options depending on the structure of your test. See the table below for a detailed summary of what each option does and how to use it.
  • Set the desired options for your test and click submit.
Option Function
Open test in new window If enabled this will open the test in a pop-up window when the students click it.
Make the link available

Will enable the students to view the icon for the test

IMPORTANT - If you are using Display after or Display until please set this option to Yes.

Add a new announcement for this test Will add an announcement about the test to the announcements area of the course
Multiple attempts If enabled will give the students multiple attempts on the test. Options are also available to set the number of attempts and scoring settings.
Force completion This option should not be clicked under any circumstances
Set timer Sets a timer for student completion of the test. The option is also given to submit the test automatically when the timer reaches 0.
Display After Choose a date for the icon to appear for the students
Display Until Choose a date for the icon to disappear for the students
Password If enabled students will be required to enter a password to begin the test.
Test availability exceptions See Blackboard - Adding SAS Test Exceptions
Due date Specify a due date for the test, which will add an indication to the student calendar
Show results Specify what results the students should see after the test has been written.
Test Presentation Specify if the test questions will appear one at a time or all on the same page.
Randomize questions If multiple attempts are being used, specify if questions should be randomized between attempts.



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