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The Blackboard cloud service inline grading is designed to augment the grading experience by providing a document preview window which instructors can use to review and markup documents without the need to download an assignment from the Blackboard environment. This user guide will outline how to use the Inline Grading system to review and markup documents and provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Inline grading system.

Marking assignments with Inline Grading

The new box view showing a paper submitted

  • Use the comment button to enter a text comment to the student. You can also use the download or print box to download a copy of the document including markup or print it.


  • Enter a grade and submit any comments as you normally would when grading an assignment

  • When students access the feedback and grade for the assignment, they will see a similar window with the markup entered displayed.

Please note - Overall feedback should still be entered into the feedback box below the grade, all comments must be created on an area of the document where text is present, or data loss could occur.

Inline Grading Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did the display of the inline grading system change?

A: The previous service, Crocodoc, has reached end of life status by the company that produces it. Blackboard was required to update this service to the new Box View application in order to avoid loosing access to the service entirely.

Q: Some of the markup functionality that was previously available is no longer present in this view, why?

A: The new Box View service is constantly undergoing enhancements in both function and reliability. The vendor does not currently operate all the tools that were present in Crocodoc, but the core functionality remains.

Q: Are there any improvements to using the new Box View service over the old Crocodoc one?

A: Yes, the new Box View service offers improvements in document recognition which enables more formats to be viewed in the service. As well, issues that prevented documents from rendering in Crocodoc have also been addressed.

Q: Is it possible to view old Crocodoc documents in Box View?

A: Yes, all documents rendered in Crocodoc will be rendered in Box View automatically. This may take a few days to process, but eventually they will appear in the new Box View.

Q: Inline grading is a cloud service, what does that mean and where is the data stored?

A: A cloud service is a broad term with many possible definitions depending on the specific circumstances. In this instance, it means that the inline grading service is provided to Trent University by a third party. Documents uploaded to Blackboard drop boxes are transmitted through the internet to the servers at - who have been contracted by Blackboard to provide the service to Blackboard customers. Currently has data centers located in California and Nevada.

Q: I'm concerned about the privacy implications of using this service. What precautions are in place to make sure data uploaded remains private?

A: When a document is uploaded to the inline grading system no user information is passed from our Blackboard system to the hosted service. Documents are given a unique digital identification number, which is referenced in the Blackboard system and used to connect documents with usernames. The only data transmitted to the hosting service is data contained in the document itself, which is not indexed or searchable and is stored on servers in an encrypted state.

Q: I have a student who is very concerned about the privacy implications of storing documents in the United States. What should I do?

A: Documents stored using this cloud service are far more secure then using many cloud services like Facebook or, it's virtually impossible for US based authorities to actually locate a specific document. However, IT recommends that an alternate submission means (paper or email) be made available to students with serious privacy concerns.

Q: Does the hosting provider meet any security or compliance standards for information privacy?

A:, the ultimate location of any uploaded files, has been certified for HIPPA and SafeHarbor compliance

Q: Is there any way to opt-out of this service?

A: This service is a system wide implementation, it is not possible to opt-out on a course by course basis.

Q: Are other schools using this service?

A: Yes, this specific document rendering service is very popular and has been implemented at other institutions using Blackboard including the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Nipissing University and many institutions in the United States.


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