Blackboard - Faculty - Grading: Grading Tests or Assignments

Blackboard features multiple options for assessing students, including digital drop-boxes and online testing. This document will outline the process for evaluating assignments and tests submitted in Blackboard.

Grading Tests and Assignments

  • Login to the Blackboard course you wish to perform grading for and navigate to the full grade center (Grade Center > Full Grade Center

  • The grade center contains a row for every student loaded into the course, and a column for every assignment, test or item collected digitally.

  • Assignments that are in need of grading are identified by a yellow exclamation point (!)
  • Hover your mouse over the yellow exclamation point and click the down arrow when it appears

  • Click the option for the student attempt. The date indicated will be the date the student submitted the assignment or completed the test
    • If the assignment or test has multiple attempts (indicating the student submitted more then once) they will each be listed here.

For Assignments

  • Click into the grade entry box to enter a numerical grade
  • When clicking the grade entry box, a feedback dialog will appear to enter text feedback to the student
  • When you have entered the grade and comments, click submit

For Tests

  • The test questions will be displayed followed by an option to enter a grade for each question and a box to provide feedback.

  • When you've completed grading click the submit or submit and next student option to continue grading.

Uploading Feedback Files to Students (Assignments Only)

  • In the assignment grading area, click the box to enter a numerical grade
  • When the feedback option appears, click the paperclip option in the text entry area to attach a file




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