Blackboard - Faculty - Grading: Can't see scroll bars in the grade center on a mac?

Recent versions of Apple macOS (the operating system used on Apple computers) contain code which may prevent horizontal scroll-bars from appearing in certain situations, including the Blackboard Grade Center. This user guide will overview the steps required to re-enable the scroll-bars so you can use the grade center normally on a macOS computer. 

  • In the top left corner of the screen, select the apple icon. Select System Preferences from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, open System Preferences from the finder or dock menus.

The apple menu with system preferences highlighted

  • In system preferences, select the General option.

The system preferences screen with general highlighted

  • Change the scroll-bars setting to Always.

The general preferences pane with Always highlighted in red.

  • Close any open web browsers and re-open.


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