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Information Technology

Information Technology

Blackboard - Faculty - Creating a Link to Follett Discover

Follett Discover is an interactive tool designed to allow easy adoption and purchase of textbooks and materials from the Follett bookstore. 


In order for students and staff to access the Follett Discovery tool, with all the correct information regarding course offerings in place, a link must be created in each Blackboard site. IT has created this link automatically for all courses going forward, however, depending on when the course was created, existing courses may need to add it in order to gain access to the tool. 


  • Login to Blackboard normally and select the course you wish to add the link to. 
  • On the right side toolbar menu, click the plus button located at the top of the page.
  • Select tool link.

A Blackboard left side menu with plus and Tool Link highlighted in red.

  • Enter the name "Follett Discover" and select "Follett Discover" from the dropdown menu.
  • Check the box to enable students to view the tool (if desired).
  • Click submit.

A Blackboard Add Tool Link with the drop down box, available to users and submit highlighted in red.


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