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Information Technology

Information Technology

Blackboard - Faculty - Course Admin: Requesting a Log Trace

This document describes the best practices for working with students who claim to have submitted an assignment or test in Blackboard, but there is no record of such an occurrence. Generally under normal circumstances this is a very rare problem. However, when some external factors are present, the probability exists that a test or assignment could be partially uploaded and not show in the Blackboard Grade Center.

IT Staff can access very detailed information regarding student activities in Blackboard. When a student presents to an instructor with a missing assignment, the first step is to gather as much detail as possible before sending a request to IT.

When requesting a log trace, please include the following

  • Name of Student'
  • Course Code for Class
  • Name of the assignment and location of the drop box item inside the course.
  • Date the student claims to have completed the test or assignment

Once the details have been gathered, please email your request to it@trentu.ca and a technician will examine the logs to find any relevant information.

Please note - Request for log searches must be initiated by the instructor of a course, and IT will not release details of log traces to students. While this may seem counter-intuitive, this process is heavily structured to ensure that the any grade related concerns remain at the sole discretion of the faculty member. The role of the IT department in this process is to advise the instructor of any digital information that may be related.


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