Blackboard - Faculty - Course Admin: Move content inside a course

Blackboard offers the ability to easily move content inside a course. This can be useful when re-arranging and creating subfolders inside the Blackboard course. 

  • Login to your Blackboard course and make sure that edit mode is enabled
  • Make sure that the content destination is created - For example, if you wish to move an object into a folder called Videos, the Videos folder must first be created. See Blackboard - Faculty - Content Creation: Creating and Managing Content for more information on creating and managing content. 
  • Locate the content you wish to move, click the down arrow beside the icon and select Move

The Blackboard Context Menu with Red Highlights around the word Move

  • In the destination course drop-down menu, select the new course location - If moving content in the same course leave as default. 
  • Click the browse button and locate the destination for the object. 


The destination course and folder dialogue box with Browse highlighted in red

The select location popup box with Videos highlighted in Red

  • Click submit



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