Blackboard - Faculty - Course Admin: Creating Smart Views

The Grade Center allows you to create "Smart Views" for each section of your course. This allows you to view, grade and manage only students in a selected section.

Smart View Example


To set up a SmartView:

  1. Start in Grade Center (Select Grade Center, then Full Grade Center in the Course Management/Control Panel Menu).

    Grade Center Menu

  2. Click on Manage then choose SmartViews.


  3. Select Create SmartView.

  4. Name the SmartView based on either the Section or the Grader name. Add as a Favorite to have the SmartView displayed in the Grade Center Menu. Set the Type of View to "Custom". User Criteria should be set to "Child Course ID", the Condition to "Contains" and the Value to the Section ID (Ex: F01, F02). Fall courses will be F01. Filter Results will need to be set to All Columns to show all of the columns in your Grade Center when in this SmartView. You may also choose Select Columns if you want only some columns to be visible.

    Smart View Options

To use a Smart View, click on the Smart View name under Smart Views in the Manage menu or, if it has been added as a favorite, from the Grade Center menu in course tools.


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