Blackboard - Faculty - Course Admin: Copy a course from year to year

Blackboard offers instructors the ability to copy all the content of a course from one course to another. This is useful when rolling over content from year to year.

Please note - If you wish to copy content from a course other then one you have previously taught, please contact the original instructor (or administrative designate) to arrange to have you added to the course that you wish to copy. 

  • Login to the Blackboard course that you wish to copy the course FROM
  • On the course management menu, expand Packages and Utilities and select Course Copy

  • In the select copy type field, change the option from Copy Course Materials into a New Course to Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course

a screenshot that shows the copy type drop down box with the correct copy type highlighted in red

  • In the Destination Course ID filed, push the browse button

  • In the popup box select the course that you would like to copy TO, and click submit

  • Push the select all button and uncheck the box next to Announcements

  • Leave the rest of the options at their default state, and click Submit



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