Blackboard - Faculty - Course Admin: Clearing Test or Assignment Attempts

This document will outline how to give a student an additional attempt on an assignment or test in Blackboard. This document will also summarize how the IT service desk will respond to student requests to have assignment or test attempts cleared.

Clearing a test or assignment attempt

  • Login to the appropriate Blackboard course and enter the Full Grade Center (Grade Center > Full Grade Center)
  • Locate the row for the assignment, and the student you wish to clear the attempt for
  • Click the down arrow next to the student grade (or yellow !) and click view grade details

  • On the view grade details screen, click clear attempt or ignore attempt as desired.
    • Clear attempt will completely erase the attempt from the system, and the student will be able to complete a new attempt. However, the original attempt will not be kept in the system and will not be recoverable.
    • Ignore attempt will still allow the student to submit again, but will preserve the original attempt in case it's needed later.

  • Please note¬† - Clearing an attempt does not change the availably of a test or an assignment. If the icon is still hidden from the student, they will be unable to access it to submit again.


IT Service Desk procedures for students requesting a reset attempt.

  • When working with students requesting an assignment or test attempt be cleared, the priority of the technical support staff is the academic integrity of the assessment in question. As such, IT staff will only clear an assignment at the request of the student if the assignment due date has not passed.
  • If a student requests an attempt be cleared independently of the instructor after the due date has passed, they will be referred back to the instructor.


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