Blackboard - Faculty - Course Admin: Adding TAs, markers & other instructors to courses

Once a faculty member has been assigned a course and loaded into the Blackboard system, they can add other faculty and teaching support roles to the course without the need to contact IT. This tutorial will outline the simple process for adding other staff users to a Blackboard course.

Please note - it is not possible for faculty to add students to a Blackboard course. Students must be fully registered in the course to have access to Blackboard. To add students who are unable to be registered fully, on a temporary basis, please contact

  • Login to the Blackboard course that you wish to add the user to, and select Manage Users from the Users and Groups menu 

The course management menu with Manage Users highlighted

  • If you receive a warning regarding cross listed courses, select the option to try now and do not prompt me again. Then click submit.

A warning message about crosslisting with Try now and do not prompt me again highlighted

  • Click the add button in the top left corner of the screen. 
  • Enter the TrentNET username of the person you wish to add to the course and assign them a role. The TrentNET username will be the persons Trent email address without the For example, if I wanted to add someone with a Trent email of to my course, I would enter bobsmith in the username box.
  • Select the role for the user in the course and click submit

The select users box with the username box highlighted and the role highlighted

For assistance with this process, or if you encounter an error message please contact


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