Blackboard - Faculty - Content Creation: Using Bb Content Management

Blackboard Content Management is a new and improved way to manage course content across multiple courses. This user guide will outline how to effectively upload content to the content repository and share it with courses.

Accessing Content Management

  • To access the content management system, click the Content Collection option on the Blackboard toolbar

Concepts of Blackboard File Management

  • Upload once - link many times -- before content management, files were uploaded to course folders and then copied from year to year when new offerings are created. When a document is updated, the original is still stored throughout the system. This is an inefficient use of system resources and makes file management in Blackboard difficult to organize.
  • Blackboard Content Management is designed to streamline this process, allowing instructors to upload documents to a single space once, and link to them in several locations.

Creating a folder structure

  • The content management system in Blackboard is simply a front end interface for managing files in Blackboard. To that end, creating a file structure is an important first step in organizing your files. Create a logical content structure that makes sense to you and will allow you to find files easily. Think about how you organize files on USB sticks, or on your my documents folder. You'll likely want a folder structure organized by class.
  • Click the create folder option, to create as many folders as you need

  • Once you have created a folder, click it's name to enter it and create sub folders if needed

Uploading a document

  • To upload a document or file to a content folder, click the Upload Files button and browse for the file you wish to upload

Linking uploaded documents with a Blackboard course

  • After you have assembled a folder structure and uploaded documents, files need to be linked into courses.
  • Inside a course, click build content and select file.

  • Enter a name for the link and click Browse Content Collection

  • Hover your mouse over the browse option, and click My Content to access your content store.

  • Locate the file, select it and click submit

  • After returning to the main create file page, click submit



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