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Information Technology

Information Technology

Blackboard - Faculty - Content Creation: Adding Panopto Videos

Blackboard features many tools to help communicate with students. In this guide, we'll outline how to post Panopto links to content areas.

Note - Before completing this task you must have your course provisioned for Panopto. It is not possible to copy course content from year to year that includes Panopto videos without re-provisioning the Panopto course. To have a course provisioned for use with Panopto, please contact it@trentu.ca

Adding Panopto video links to courses

  • Login to the Blackboard course you wish to post the video in and navigate to the location inside the course where you wish to display the link. Links can be posted in content areas, content folders and learning modules.
  • Make sure that edit mode is on and hover your mouse over the Tools menu and select Panopto Video Link.

  • From the folder dropdown menu select the course folder for your course
    • If you do not see the course folder listed in the drop down, your course has not been correctly provisioned for Panopto. Please contact it@trentu.ca
  • From the second lecture dropdown menu, select the video you would like to post
  • Enter (or change) the title and description for the video if desired.

  • Click Submit


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