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Plagiarism is a frequent concern in the academic landscape today. Blackboard features an extensive set of tools to help you manage plagiarism effectively in your class. This user guide will outline how to use the SafeAssign system in conjunction with Blackboard Learn assignments and how to check individual papers against SafeAssign.

Before reviewing the following information, you may benefit from reviewing - Blackboard - Faculty - Assignments: Creating Assignments

To enable SafeAssign in an Assignment

  • Enter the desired Blackboard course and create a new assignment as outlined inĀ Blackboard - Faculty - Assignments: Creating Assignments
  • In the assignment properties page, expand the option for Submission Details
  • Click the option to check assignments with SafeAssign
    • IT strongly recommends NOT enabling the option to let students see the SafeAssign report.

  • Please note - It is NOT possible to enable checking with SafeAssign after students have submitted assignments. This will cause unrecoverable errors and force the deletion of all submitted assignments.

Reviewing Reports

  • Enter the full grade center and locate the column for the assignment you wish to review.
  • Access a student assignment attempt (please see Blackboard - Faculty - Grading: Grading Tests or Assignments) for more details
  • In the grade input area, click the SafeAssign link, and click the View Originality Report button.

For help interpreting the data in the SafeAssign reports please see Blackboard - SafeAssign Reports

Using DirectSubmit

DirectSubmit can be used by an instructor to check an individual assignment with SafeAssign outside of the DropBox feature.

  • Login to a Blackboard course that you are assigned as an instructor
  • Expand course tools and click SafeAssign

  • Click the option for DirectSubmit

  • Click the Submit a Paper button

  • Click the browse button to attach a file

  • The paper will now be processed, and when a report icon is present you can click it to review the report. Reports are typically produced in a few minutes, however it can take up to an hour to produce a SafeAssign report.


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