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Blackboard Learn offers you many possibilities to collect work from students digitally. This document will outline how to construct Blackboard Assignments (Drop boxes) for students to upload assignments.

Creating a new assignment

  • Locate the desired location for your assignment in the Blackboard course. Assignments can be deployed to a content area, folder or learning module.

  • Once you have located a suitable location, make sure edit mode is on and hover your mouse over the Assessments Button and click Assignment.

  • On the create assignment page, enter the name of the assignment and scroll down to enter the grade points possible. You also have the ability to set various options depending on how you wish to structure your assignment. See the table below for a detailed summary of what each option does and how to use it.


If you wish to use the SafeAssign system to enable plagiarism checking

  • Click the option for Submission details, located below the points possible box.


  • Click the box to enable SafeAssign

Additional options on the Assignment page

Option Function
Name and Colour Specifies the name and font colour of the icon the students will see in the Blackboard course
Instructions Displays any written text instructions to the students when they click or view the assignment icon in the Blackboard course.
Assignment Files - Attach Files Displays an attached file to the students when they click or view the assignment icon in the Blackboard course.
Due Date Specify a due date for the test, which will add an indication to the student calendar
Points Possible Specify the number of points the assignment will be graded on
Associated Rubrics Allows the ability to add rubrics or grading sheets to be completed when grading. Rubrics can be created from this button, or existing rubrics can be attached.
Submission Details - Assignment Type Specify if this is a group assignment (all students receiving the same mark) or an individual assignment
Submission Details - Number of Attempts Specify if the student should have more then one attempt at this assignment
Submission Details - SafeAssign Specify if Safe Assign plagiarism detection should be enabled. The viewing of SafeAssign reports by students is strongly discouraged.
Grading Options - Anonymous Grading Specify if user information should be stripped from the document when grading.
Grading Options - Delegated Grading Specify if grading should be assigned to other course users. Note - this requires the correct assignment of grading tasks and approval by the assigned instructor. Please contact for more information before proceeding
Display of Grades - Display as Specify for format that grades should be displayed to students.
Display of Grades - Include in Grade Center Calculations Specify if grades for this item should be included in calculations in the Grade Center (leave blank for formative assessment)
Display of Grades - Show to students in My Grades Specify if the grades should be shown to the students in the My Grades section of the course.
Display of Grades - Show statistics When viewing grades, this enables or disables class wide grade statistics for the students to view
Make the Assignment Available

Will enable the students to view the icon for the assignment

IMPORTANT - If you are using Display after or Display until please set this option to Yes.

Display After Choose a date for the icon to appear for the students
Display Until Choose a date for the icon to disappear for the students
Track the number of views Track the number of times the icon for the assignment is clicked.
  • Set the desired options and click submit

Editing a created assignment

  • To return to the assignment properties page, after an assignment has been edited locate the assignment icon and hover your mouse over the title. When the down arrow appears, click it and select edit.

  • Make whatever changes are desired and click submit.


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