Blackboard - Enrolling in a Self Enroll Course


Some courses and organizations in the Blackboard system permit the ability to enrol without the need to formally register. Generally these courses are modules like Health and Safety or Academic Integrity, in which the content is useful to a general audience, but is not an academic credit course in itself. 

Please note - Academic scheduled courses (for credit) are not self-enrol sites. 


  • Login to the Blackboard system and click the courses tab along the top of the screen - for sites that are organizations click the community tab.

The Blackboard main display with Courses and Organizations on the top bar highlighted

  • In the course search box, enter the title of the course - for sites that are organizations, use the organization search box. 

  • On the results page, locate the course you wish to enrol in. Hover your mouse over the title and click the down arrow beside the course title. Click the enrol button.
    • If you do not see the dropdown arrow beside the title of the course, this course is not self-enrol enabled and you must either register for the course, or contact the course owner to be added. 

  • On the enrollment confirmation page, review the information and click submit


  • For assistance with self-enrol courses, please contact or by phone at 705-748-1011 x 1010


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