Blackboard - Course Registration and Integration Process


This user guide will discuss the integration between Blackboard and Colleague and describe the process for the creation of accounts, courses and course membership.

FAQs Addressed

  • How do students get loaded into Blackboard courses?  

  • How do staff get access to a Blackboard course?

  • Do I need to request a Blackboard site for my course?


One of the most important operational components of Blackboard is the integration between our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning system) and Blackboard. This is the process that allows students to register for courses in one system and be moved into the correct Blackboard sections automatically. This process is also responsible for the creation of classes and the assignment of instructors to courses.

Process Overview

Each day our Colleague student information system prepares a series of files containing faculty and student registration, courses and terms. This information is then automatically imported into Blackboard every night. When it concludes all the information about registrations and courses is refreshed with the information in the student information system.

Process Times

The Blackboard import process from Colleague happens overnight every evening between 8:00 PM and 3:00 AM. Changes made each day are reflected when the overnight process runs.
Therefore, if a change in registration is made, it will be reflected in Blackboard the next day.

How do faculty get a Blackboard course created?

Because all the information about courses is imported every day from the Colleague system, courses will automatically be created in Blackboard when they’re scheduled by the registrar’s office. 

What if I need a non-credit course created like a development or intranet course?

Development courses and intranets can be created outside of the integration. To request one send an email to

How do faculty get access to a Blackboard course once it’s scheduled?

Once a course has been scheduled the faculty members are assigned it using the Colleague system. Your department administration assistant (or in the absence of an admin assistant, department chair) can make this change. Once the course is assigned to you in Colleague it will appear in Blackboard the next day.

How do students get access to a Blackboard course?

Once a student registers for a course on MyTrent they will be pulled into Blackboard overnight in the same way the faculty are.

Support Information

For support information on Blackboard or any other instructional technology please contact the IT service desk at


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