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Copying and pasting from a word processor (such as Microsoft Word) into Blackboard is a common occurrence that can sometimes yield unexpected results. This user guide will outline the process for copying and pasting into Blackboard to avoid many of these issues. 

Simple Copy and Paste

  • When attempting to paste an item into Blackboard, please note that you're required to use the Ctrl+C - copy, and Ctrl+V - paste (substitute Command for Ctrl if using a Mac) keys instead of the copy and paste buttons on the toolbar. 

Formatting Issues

Copying and pasting for a computer is a little like trying to learn a new language for a human. The computer must do it's best to translate the source information into a language the destination understands. In the majority of cases when copying and pasting from your word processor into Blackboard, the translation occurs seamlessly and you never really notice. However, if your document has a lot of rich text (font styles, formatting, pictures) the Blackboard editor may not be able to translate the text you're pasting in. To ease this problem, consider doing the following: 

  • Paste without formatting - Use your word processing program to create the text in its default form, then copy and paste into Blackboard, and use the built in tools in Blackboard to edit the text look. This way there's no translation because you're modifying the document using the language (called a markup) that Blackboard understands fully. 
  • Use a simple text formatting program - When pasting from a program like Notepad (or TextEdit for Mac) there is far less information to translate. If you're having trouble pasting from Microsoft Word, paste into Notepad (or TextEdit for Mac) and then copy and paste from there into Blackboard. 
  • If you've pasted text into Blackboard, and are trying to get it looking right, consider using the strip formatting button. This button, located on the editor toolbar will strip all the formatting out of your text, leaving you with just the text in it's raw form. Once the formatting has been stripped, you can re-format it in the Blackboard editor a lot easier. 
    • Note - if you don't see all three rows of icons in the Blackboard text editor, click the two chevrons in the top right corner (outlined in green on the screenshot) of the editor to view them. 

The Blackboard editor with the eraser icon and the top right chevron box highlighted

Additional Support

If you require additional support copying and pasting from a word processor into Blackboard, please contact and include the course code, item you're trying to paste into, and a copy of the text for testing. 


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