Blackboard - Adding Users to Organization Sites

Blackboard Organizations allows for separation between academic courses and other campus organizations. Organization Leaders are empowered to add users in many different roles to Blackboard Organizations. This user guide will describe the process for adding users to a Blackboard Organization site when you have been given Leader access.

  • Login to the Blackboard Organization that you wish to add the user to
  • On the Organization Management toolbar, click Users and Groups and select the Users option

The control panel menu with Users and Groups, and Users highlighted

  • Hover your mouse over the Enrol Users button and click Find user to enrol.

The users page with the find users to enroll button highlighted

  • Enter the TrentNET ID of the person you wish to add -- The TrentNET ID will be the persons Trent email address without the portion. For instance, if the user I was attempting to add had was I would enter bobsmith in the username field.
  • Select the role for the person you wish to add. See the following table for an explanation of the various roles.
  • Click Submit to add the person to the site.

The add enrollments page with the username field, and the dropdown box for role highlighted


Role Description
Organization Builder A build only role with permissions to add content, but not to manage users
Leader Full permissions to the organization site
Grader A user who could access the user list, but not add content
Org Admin A user with all the permissions of the Leader without the ability to add new users to the site.
Participant A user with limited permissions to view content only, similar to student in an academic course
Assistant A user with permissions to post content and manage features, without the ability to add new users to the course. Similar to a TA in an academic course.
Guest A user with extremely limited function in the site.

Frequent Issues

  • A user not found error is displayed when attempting to add someone to the site -- double check the username of the person you're attempting to add, and make sure there are no spaces before or after the username in the username box. Commonly, copying and pasting can add a space to the end of the pasted text.
  • I'm attempting to add an external person, applicant or person without a current Trent student or staff account to the site -- It is not currently possible to add external persons, or persons without a valid TrentNET ID to a course or organization site.
  • I'd like to bulk upload several users to an organization, is this possible? -- Yes, please send a list of the users you wish to add including the Email address or TrentNET ID's of the users to
  • For additional support of issues not listed here, please contact


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