Adding an Outlook shared mailbox or folder - Windows

Note: This process also applies to adding shared folders from other staff or faculty members.

  1. Start by opening your Email (Outlook 2016) from the Start menu. On the left you will see your email account listed with all your folders such as inbox, sent items, cabinet, etc.
  2. Click on FILE from the upper right corner of the screen.

Outlook desktop client with File tab highlighted for selection (Steps 1 to 3)

  1. Make sure you are in the Info section and click on Account Settings and then the Account Settings… option.

Per Step 4, screen shot of Account Information screen with Info, then Account Settings and Account Settings again highlighted for selection in the left navigation menu

  1. On the Account Settings screen, on the Email tab, double click on your email address entry to open the next window.

  1. On the Change Account screen, click the More Settings button in the bottom right of the Server Settings area

Screen shot of the Change account screen with the More Settings button highlighted for selection

  1. Click on the Advanced tab and click the Add… button to add the mailbox of the account or folder you wish to add.
  • Note: You must have been granted delegate access to a shared mailbox or a folder must have been successfully shared with you by another staff or faculty member in order to see it in the list to eventually view the contents of the account or folder.

Screen shot of Microsoft Exchange screen with Advanced tab and Add button highlighted along with the "OK button

  1. Enter the username portion of the shared mailbox you would like or the username of the individual who shared their folders with you. Click OK.

Screen shot of "Add Mailbox" dialog box

  1. Once the account is listed, usually with the proper display name, you can click Apply and OK.

Screen shot of Microsoft Exchange screen in Advanced tab with shared mailbox name, Add button and the Apply button highlighted for selection

  1. Outlook will stall for about a minute or so and it may flash (Not Responding) for a moment as it adds the account in Outlook.
  2. Click Next on the "Change Account (Server Settings) page which is presented.

  1. Click Finish on the "Change Account" screen that says "You're all Set!"

"You're all set" message screen with Finish button highlighted for selection

  1. Click Close on the Account Settings page when it re-presents itself.

Account Settings page with "Close" button highlighted for selection

  1. In order for the change to take effect you must close and open Outlook again.
  2. Following your restart, you should see the delegate account or shared folder appear below your own account name on the left hand navigation menu.

Desktop client screen for Outlook with Shared mailbox now in the left navigation menu listing


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