Accessing the H and S Drives Remotely

Accessing NextCloud

  • Login to myTrent
  • Click Services > Scroll to IT Services
  • Select myFiles (Staff) or myFiles (Student) 
  • Login with your usual myTrent username and password

When logging into NextCloud you'll have a folder icon for each drive you have access to. Click the drive to navigate to it and view files you have access to. 

The NextCloud interface with the Home Drive and Share Drive targets highlighted in red

Downloading Data

When downloading data from the H or S drives, make sure data is safely stored. Always remove sensitive data from your downloads folder or move it to an encrypted location for long term storage. 

  • Locate a file you wish to download (note, you can click to preview in some cases) 
  • Click the three dots (...) to the right of the file name and select download

A file listing with the three dots and download highlighted in red

Uploading Data

Data uploaded with the same file name will REPLACE existing data. Before uploading data make sure no recent changes have been made. 

  • Navigate to the destination folder 
  • Click the plus button at the top of the menu bar
  • Select Upload File 

The NextCloud interface with + and upload files highlighted

  • Browse for the file you wish to upload



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