IT Training Calendar 2019

The Information Technology Department is pleased to announce it's calendar of training opportunities for this year.   These activities consist of self-paced online modules and in-class workshops.   As participants successfully complete training modules and workshops their achievements are rewarded with a certificate of completion that resides in the IT Training Portal within our Blackboard Community system. Training offerings include such topics as Blackboard Learning Management System, Computer Security, Outlook Email, Excel, PowerPoint, Portal Forms, Word, SharePoint, OneDrive  and many more. 

The calendar is organized  into broad topic areas and further into modules which target specific skills development in that area. 

The online content as well as workshop sign-up's can be accessed in the IT Training Portal in Blackboard. Just login to myTrent  and click Academics then scroll down to Learning and Research and click Blackboard. Under My Organizations click IT Training Portal then follow the links on the left sidebar to view Content and In Person Workshop Signups.

Training Topics and Delivery

Topic♦ Online Workshop
Information Security (recordings will be shared  following workshops) 
Information Security Basics
Password Management
SafeShare & Document Storage
Skype for Business  
Windows 10  
Office 365  
Learning Management System
Other Topics
Portal Forms  
Qualtrics Surveys  
Web Conferencing with Zoom  
LinkedIn Learning  
Lecture Capture with YuJa
Virtual Classroom with Collaborate

Learning Management System

Blackboard 9.x Essential Training for Instructors (online)

In this LinkedIn Learning video course you will cover the essential Blackboard operations to get you up and running quickly with your class.  The course explores customizing a course site, managing users, and adding and organizing content, including multimedia. It also shows how to perform student assessments in the Grade Center, as well as how to communicate with students and encourage participation and collaboration.

Topics include:

  • Accessing a course
  • Creating announcements
  • Viewing the roster
  • Working with modules
  • Adding new menu items
  • Enrolling students and others
  • Making content available to students
  • Entering grades
  • Downloading and editing grades in Excel
  • Creating assignments and collecting papers
  • Creating online tests
  • Adding discussion forums and groups

Viewing time 6 hours 52 minutes

Blackboard Face to Face Training

Hands-on Blackboard training is also offered to faculty on a request basis. Potential topics include:

Potential topics include:

  • Creating content items
  • Creating and configuring tests and assignments
  • Grading assignments and tests
  • Managing the gradebook

To request a training session send an email to with a preferred date and time, the names of those individuals planning to attend, topics you would like covered.

Microsoft Office Applications

OneDrive for Business Essential Training 

This online video course on LinkedIn Learning (accessible via MyTrent) will cover the essential skills you need for using OneDrive for Business, our Office 365 cloud storage service.  With this service all faculty and staff  have access to 1 Terabyte (1024 Giagbytes) of personal (shareable) cloud storage space. One of the distinct advantages of OneDrive over other cloud file services is it's integration with Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and their online counterparts. A key feature of OneDrive is  support for collaboration and co-authoring of documents. With this great tool you and your colleagues can work together on documents simultaneously. Users can easily manage access permissions to their files and folders to facilitate sharing.

Topics  include:

  • Logging in to OneDrive
  • Work with Files and Folders
  • Uploading files
  • Use OneDrive with Office
  • Collaborate with Others
  • Share files

Outlook Email

Level 1 - Workshop

This is an introductory 2 hour workshop for staff and faculty is designed to get you up and running with the basics of Outlook email, calendaring and contacts at Trent. View upcoming workshops 

Topics covered include:

  • Desktop client setup
  • Navigating the interface
  • Sending and receiving email
  • Creating and sending to an address group
  • Using folders to organize messages
  • Blocking junk mail
  • Setting up mail rules for auto-filing
  • Managing your contacts
  • Using the calendar to book appointments and checking for scheduling conflicts
  • Using Outlook web access from myTrent

Level 2 - Online

Take your email, calendar and collaboration skills up a notch by learning more about the power of Outlook. This series of videos will improve your efficiency in managing email, finding contacts, sharing your calendar, reusing text for messages as well as other useful functions.

Topics include:

  • Finding a contact in seconds flat
  • Reusing text with Quick Parts
  • Color-coding emails
  • Making use of favorites
  • Speed-reading email
  • Dealing with junk mail
  • Sharing your calendar via email
  • Including screenshots
  • Changing task start and due dates
  • Cloning appointments
  • Linking contacts
  • Setting up an out-of-office message

Viewing time: 3 hours 55 minutes

Level 3 – Online

This LinkedIn video course takes you on a deep dive into Outlook email management  This course offers tips, strategies, and techniques for reviewing email, using views to rearrange and sort email, organizing email with folders and categories, and using rules and Quick Steps to automate many common tasks.

Topics include:

  • Reviewing Email
  • Putting Views to Work
  • Getting Organized with Folders, Search and Categories
  • Automating Actions

Viewing time: 2 hours 7 minutes

Office 365


This is an introductory 2 hour workshop for staff and faculty to get you up and running with the basics of Office 365 for Education cloud services.

Topics covered include:

  • What is Office 365?
  • Accessing Office 365 from myTrent
  • Account settings - time zone, locale
  • Selecting Apps
  • Outlook Email - sending/receiving messages, contacts, calendar appointments
  • OneDrive file storage - creating files, uploading, downloading, deleting, renaming, sharing, check-out/check-in
  • Sharepoint team sites - team documents, team calendar
  • Excel Online - create and edit spreadsheets
  • Word Online - create and edit documents
  • PowerPoint Online - create and edit presentations
  • OneNote Online - create and share a NoteBook


Level 1 – SharePoint Essentials  (online)

Explore the essential features of Microsoft Sharepoint. These instructional videos from LinkedIn Learning will cover various aspects of this cloud collaboration system to get you familiar with the basics.

Topics covered include:

  • What is Sharepoint?
  • Understanding SharePoint Roles
  • Logging on to Sharepoint
  • Team sites: The basics
  • Navigating in a team site
  • Searching in Sharepoint
  • Viewing all site content
  • Using a library
  • Using a list
  • Opening and saving documents in a library
  • Adding a library or list app to your site
  • Working with calendars
  • Using Check In and Check Out
  • Uploading and creating documents in the library
  • Sharing documents internally
  • Sharing documents outside your team
  • Editing your profile

Level 2- SharePoint Workshop

This 2 hour in-class workshop will cover the basics to get you up and running with Sharepoint at Trent.  Completion of Sharepoint Level 1 is required for this workshop.

Sharepoint is a cloud collaboration platform on Office 365 which includes such features as team sites, document libraries, team calendars amd mailboxes, document coauthoring, forms, shareable content and customizable lists to name a few.

(Prerequisite: Sharepoint - Level 1)

Topics covered include:

  • Accessing Sharepoint via myTrent
  • Setting time zone
  • Uploading files with the web interface
  • Renaming, deleting and downloading files
  • Organizing files in folders
  • Sharing files with internal and external colleagues
  • Checking your team site storage usage
  • Creating and editing a Word document online on your site
  • Saving a Word document to a team site folder
  • Using a team calendar in Outlook

Level 3 - Sharepoint Web Publishing (Team Sites) Workshop

This 2 hour workshop will cover some of the web publishing tools and techniques available for team sites. 

Topics covered include:

  • Initialize site settings
  • Initialize  home page
  • Add  site photo/logo/theme
  • Adding Apps to your site - calendar, document library, announcements, contacts
  • Adding a page
  • Formatting tools
  • Sharing the site
  • Uploading/downloading files
  • File recovery (Recycle bin)


Level 1 – Excel 2016 Essentials (online)

This online course is suitable for those new to Excel as well as others who are familiar with it and would like to review basic operations.

Topics covered include:

  • Working with the Excel interface
  • Entering data
  • Creating formulas and functions
  • Formatting rows, columns, cells, and data
  • Working with alignment and text wrap
  • Adjusting rows and columns
  • Finding and replacing data
  • Printing and sharing worksheets
  • Creating charts and PivotTables
  • Inserting and deleting sheets
  • Using power functions such as IF and VLOOKUP
  • Password-protecting worksheets and workbooks
  • Sorting data
  • Analyzing data with Goal Seek and Solver
  • Creating and running macros

Viewing Time: 8 hours, 53 mins.

Level 2 – Excel 2016 Working with Charts  in Depth (online)

Charts and graphs are important visual aids and useful for anaylzing and comparing various types of data to communicate trends over measurable quantities or events. This online course will take your Excel  skills to the next level by learning how to create and work with charts, tables and graphs.

Topics covered include:

  • Identifying chart elements
  • Selecting the right chart type
  • Creating basic charts
  • Creating sparklines
  • Styling charts
  • Moving and resizing charts
  • Modifying axes
  • Adding labels and gridlines
  • Analyzing data with trendlines
  • Inserting pictures, shapes, and text boxes
  • Customizing column, bar, line, and pie charts
  • Creating Gantt charts and other specialized Excel charts
  • Changing data sources
  • Printing and sharing charts

Viewing Time: 4 hours, 36 mins.

Level 3 - Excel 2016 Managing Multiple Worksheets (online)

You have covered the basics and are also familiar with producing charts and graphs.  Now take your Excel proficiency to the next level with this brief course on  managing large amounts of data contained in multiple worksheets and workbooks.

Topics covered include:

  • Working with different worksheets together
  • Copying and moving worksheets within a workbook
  • Linking formulas across multiple workbooks
  • Changing tab colors and renaming sheets
  • Copying, moving, and inserting data on different sheets
  • Working with multiple workbooks
  • Navigating workbooks
  • Getting data from other sheets with 3D formulas

Viewing Time: 1 hour, 27 mins 


Level 1 - Word 2016 Essential Training (online)

This Linkedin video course teaches you the essential functions to get you started working with documents in Word 2016, from creating and editing to formatting text.

Topics covered include:

  • Launching Word
  • Using templates to create new documents
  • Creating and editing text
  • Formatting text, pages, and paragraphs
  • Adjusting line spacing and page breaks
  • Adding headers, footers, and page numbers
  • Applying styles and themes to documents
  • Creating bulleted and numbered lists
  • Working with tables, macros, and building blocks
  • Illustrating documents
  • Proofing, reviewing, and printing documents
  • Collaborating with others via OneDrive and email
  • Customizing Word

Viewing Timer: 5h 41m

Level 2 – Word 2016 Advanced Tips and Tricks (online)

If you're ready to take your Word skills to next level this online course is for you. It  will give you a variety of handy tips to improve your efficiency in using this powerful word processing program.

Topics covered include:

  • Setting default font and saving location for new documents
  • Replacing text automatically
  • Working with hyperlinks
  • Viewing word and character counts
  • Customizing your dictionary
  • Locking documents

Viewing time: 1 hours 41 mins.

Level 3 – Word 2016 Mail Merge in Depth (online)

Mail merge is a great time saver for automating customized documents as well as distributing them.   In this online course you'll learn how to personalize letters, enevelopes, labels and mail messages.

Topics covered include:

  • Choosing a data source
  • Creating a new data source
  • Using Mail Merge with Outlook contacts
  • Mail merging data from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Inserting address blocks, greetings, and other fields
  • Matching fields from a data source
  • Formatting numeric data and dates
  • Creating personalized email messages
  • Attaching Word documents to merged emails
  • Creating envelopes, labels, and directories
  • Using rules for customized merges: FILLIN, ASK, and IF…THEN…ELSE

Viewing time: 2 hours 20 minutes


Level 1 - PowerPoint 2016 Essential Training (online)

This LinkedIn online course covers the basics to get you up and running quickly with engaging PowerPoint presentations.

Topics covered include:

  • Connecting PowerPoint to OneDrive
  • Creating presentations from themes and templates
  • Using and editing slide masters
  • Changing the layout or theme
  • Adding pictures and objects
  • Working with bullet points, text boxes, and tables
  • Adding shapes, diagrams, and charts
  • Incorporating video, audio, and animation
  • Adding speaker notes and comments
  • Running a slideshow
  • Reusing and sharing PowerPoint presentations

Viewing time: 3 hours, 1 min

Level 2 - PowerPoint 2016 Tips and Tricks (online)

Take your PowerPoint skills to the next level with his intermediate online module and discover some handy lesser known techniques.

Topics include:

  • Choosing a style of animation
  • Changing the default save location
  • Creating custom icons with shapes
  • Copying and pasting formatting
  • Organizing slides into sections
  • Creating layouts with slide masters
  • Adding footers
  • Creating handouts
  • Using Presenter view and annotations
  • Working with Excel data

Viewing time: 1 hour 28 min

Level 3 - PowerPoint 2016 Shortcuts (online)

Learn to use PowerPoint more efficiently with these expert tips and tricks in this online course.  You will become more skillful in managing your files, discover keyboard shortcuts, get the most out of formatting your content and share your presentation.   

Topics covered include:

  • Animating objects
  • Reusing slides
  • Creating custom shapes and animations
  • Inserting online video and screenshots
  • Accessing recent files fast
  • Embedding fonts
  • Customizing the interface
  • Creating abbreviations with AutoCorrect
  • Adjusting paragraph spacing
  • Creating 3D images
  • Coordinating transitions
  • Saving and sharing presentations

Viewing time: 2 hours 37 mins


Level 1 – Access 2016 Essential Training (online)

In this introductory online course you will learn the basics of a relational database and how it is used to store data. You will see how to use the features of Access to create meaningful information from your data empowering you to make more informed business decisions.

Topics covered include:

  • Creating a new database
  • Creating tables and new data types
  • Importing and entering data
  • Setting up relationships and primary keys
  • Adding validation rules
  • Sorting and filtering table data
  • Building queries
  • Designing forms
  • Creating reports
  • Attaching macros to buttons and tables
  • Working with Excel and Outlook data
  • Maintaining an Access database

Viewing time: 6 hours 45mins

Level 2 – Access 2016 Forms and Reports (online)

Take your Access skills to the next level with this in-depth intermediate course on forms and reports.  This course demonstrates how you can use forms and reports to control and organize the display of your data, as well as gather parameters for queries.

Topics covered include:

  • Creating forms with the Form Wizard
  • Formatting and aligning form objects
  • Combining text boxes
  • Adding a header and labels
  • Controlling input
  • Adding attachments and images
  • Linking form controls
  • Creating menus and data entry forms for the database
  • Building reports
  • Creating calculation fields
  • Linking forms and reports
  • Printing and exporting reports
  • Creating a form letter

Viewing time: 4 hours 59 mins 

Level 3 – Access 2016 Advanced Tips and Tricks (online)

You have covered the basics and have sharpened your reporting and form building skills now improve your database management efficiency further with these power moves presented by LinkedIn Learning

Topics covered include:

  • Creating an AutoExec macro
  • Creating a kiosk experience
  • Working with hidden objects: queries, tables, and more
  • Splitting a database into back and front ends
  • Creating a dynamic reporting tool
  • Adding shortcuts and other aids to end users
  • Writing custom VBA functions
  • Packaging and distributing your Access application

Viewing time: 2 hours 40 min


Level 1 - Project 2016 Essential Training (online)

This LinkedIn Learning video course will get you started with the essential skills for Microsoft Project, a project managment application for organizing and managing the tasks, deadlines and resources of a project.

Topics covered include:

  • Choosing the right Project edition
  • Creating and saving projects
  • Setting up calendars
  • Creating individual and recurring tasks
  • Linking and timing tasks
  • Assigning tasks to resources
  • Viewing your data differently with sorting, grouping, and filtering
  • Fine-tuning the project schedule
  • Understanding baseline, schedule, and actual values
  • Reporting on the project status
  • Sharing projects

Viewing time: 5 hours 5 mins

Level 2 - Advanced Project (online)

This video course teaches more advanced aspects of the project management software, first introducing powerful shortcuts for opening and saving files, and then moving into assigning resources, managing project costs, and setting up earned value tracking. It also provides handy tips for exchanging data with other projects as well as linking and embedding data.

Viewing time: 5 hours 18 minutes

Skype for Business

Up and Running with Skype for Business (online)

Skype for Business is the enterprise version of Microsoft's popular conferencing and communication application.  In this LinkedIn Learning video course you will explore  instant messaging (IM), audio, and video features, including how to send files, start and join conversations, and add contacts to existing calls and IMs. Plus, learn to schedule meetings and poll participants, use the presenter toolkit, and connect with mobile devices.

Viewing time: 1 hour 35 minutes

Windows 10

Windows 10

Learn the essentials of Windows 10 operating system, including the newest features included with Microsoft's Anniversary Update.  You will learn how to install Windows 10, work with the built-in applications, manage files and folders, use Cortana to search, browse the web, and work with mail, calendar, and your contacts. Want to extend Windows? Learn how to customize your display preferences and account settings so your PC works perfectly for you. Finally, find out how to back up and restore Windows in case of computer failure, recover missing files, and use Windows Defender to protect yourself against malware such as viruses and spyware.

Other Applications

Portal Forms

Forms Workshop

In this 2 hour work shop our resident forms expert Matt Keefer will demonstrate the functionality and benefits of our in-house portal forms system available in myTrent. This is a great tool for collecting and managing electronic form data from campus constituents. Some possible uses are event or program sign ups for various campus activities and administrative workflows. Since the portal form system exists in myTrent all user and group information is integrated in the form building and submission process. View upcoming workshops

Topics covered include:

  • What are Portal Forms?
  • Requesting access to Portal Forms CMS
  • Creating and editing a form
  • Publishing a form
  • Enable/Disable forms
  • Removing old forms
  • Managing Submissions
  • How to get help

Qualtrics Surveys

Introductory Workshop

Qualtrics is Trent's recommended cloud survey platform for all members of the university community. With this application you can create, distribute, analyze, and report your survey results. The collaboration features make it easy for you to build and share a survey with peers inside or outside the university.   This 1 hour introductory workshop will provide the quick essentials to get you started creating and publishing your survey projects for academic research or other data collection activities. View upcoming workshops

Topics covered include:

  • Access with myTrent account
  • Creating Surveys
  • Distribution
  • Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Getting Help
  • Next Steps...

Web Conferencing

Zoom Workshop

Zoom is a collaborative cloud-based web and video conferencing product that can support a maximum of 50 connected participants simultaneously in a meeting.

IT Supports connectivity via the Internet for mobile devices, laptops (PC and Mac), phones and video conference room systems.

Participants can share their desktops for viewing, annotating, and control by others in the meeting.

If your meeting may or will require an external participant to dial-in for audio only, Zoom can also accept phone-in participants. Zoom can also facilitate connections with meeting rooms equipped with  H.323 video endpoints (typically found in meeting room systems at other institutions ie. Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize )

In this one hour in-class workshop we'll demonstrate how a Zoom conference works  in a room equipped with our H.323 Polycom video endpoint connecting with remote desktop users. View upcoming workshops

Topics covered include:

  • Requesting a Zoom video conference at Trent
  • Connecting meeting participants
  • Meeting layouts
  • Sharing desktop content
  • Sharing desktop control
  • Annotating content

LinkedIn Learning

How to Use LinkedIn Learning Online Training

LinkedIn Learning online training is available to all Trent employees through myTrent. This service offers a broad selection of training topics for eveyone. Topics include but are not limited to Microsoft Office applications, Webpublishing, Business, Programming, Project Management, Communication Skills, Time Management, Instructional Design and Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard.  Content viewing on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets is also supported.

This introductory vendor video will demonstrate all the key features you will need to get the most out of this service from navigation, course topics, searching, bookmarking, managing collections and sharing courses and videos with colleagues.

Note: The recommended method for Trent employees to access LinkedIn Learning  is by first logging into myTrent, then clicking SUPPORT, scrolling down to IT Support and clicking LinkedIn Learning 

Viewing time: 36 minutes­

Lecture Capture


YuJa is the supported video platform for instructional recordings (audio and video). This introductory training will cover the essential features of YuJa for lecture capture, desktop capture, playback, Blackboard integration, live stream and video management at Trent. View training video.


Collaborate is a video/audio collaboration tool for hosting virtual classroom sessions. Please see our user guide for a detailed walkthrough on getting started using Collaborate.

Upcoming Collaborate Workshop

Information Security

2019 IT Security workshops will be presented during Cybersecurity Month - October, 2019 using Zoom (you can dial in at scheduled times from wherever you are!). Sessions will be taped you you can access the links afterward (if you cannot meet the schedule) for learning at your own pace.

Information Security Workshop times will be posted on myTrent under the EVENTS section. Stay tuned to that location or check our twitter feed (@trent_it) or Instagram (@ITatTrent) for details 

2019 Workshops (IT Security)

Information Security Basics

This workshop will introduce information security from the ground up. No experience or techy skills required! Topics will include: identifying phishing, all about viruses and malware, staying safe online and device security.

SafeShare & Document Storage

Collaboration is key in this modern connected world. Have you ever wondered what the safest way to share information is, or where the best spot to store sensitive information? This workshop will overview the various sharing technologies available to Trent staff and the best locations to store information. Topics will include – Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint, myFiles and Azure RMS.

Password Management

Passwords are a pain! Different sites have rules for length, complexity and how frequently they need to be changed, and you’re not supposed to write them down. How do you keep track? This workshop will introduce the password manager LastPass and show you how to easily integrate it so you can have random and safe passwords for every site, and make password changes a breeze.