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Information Technology

Information Technology

Software - Student Lab Computers


    In student labs and classrooms a variety of academic and productivity software is provisioned on all Trent-imaged desktop computers such as the Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Reader, Maple, Matlab,  BioEdit, ArcGIS Reader, Internet Explorer,  anti-virus, network client etc. 

    Software Evaluation/Review for Inclusion in Standard Student Lab Image:

    A software evaluation submission schedule is in place for new software to be evaluated for inclusion on computers located in campus computer labs.

    Submissions must be received 10 weeks prior to the start of the academic session in which the software is required to support curriculum delivery. Submission requests should be followed by media, as well as copies of the license agreement(s). This schedule will assist in a smooth transition throughout the school year and assure the software has been tested and, if compatible, made available in the appropriate locations.

    Benefits and features:

    • Consistent experience for students
    • Managed Distribution of Academic Applications





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