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Information Technology

Information Technology

OneDrive for Business @ Trent University


    What is OneDrive for Business?

    As part of the Office 365 environment, OneDrive for Business is cloud storage space that allows for easy file sharing between co-workers, as well as syncing between your computers and many types of devices. OneDrive does not be replace your H: drive, but it can be used instead of, or as a complement to it.

    My H: drive serves all my needs, I don't feel I need OneDrive

    This service is completely optional and your H: drive will remain available to you.

    Advantages over H:// drive

    • Collaboration: Coworkers can work on the same document and see real-time updates
    • Easy access to files from any computer on campus or remote
    • Mobile access

    How much storage space does it provide?

    OneDrive provides 1TB (terabyte) of storage.
    This is equal to 1024GB (gigabytes).

    Currently your H drive, and other consumer file syncing programs (Dropbox for example) offer anywhere from 2GB-25GB of storage, so this is quite a large increase compared to what most of us are used to.

    OK I'm interested, how do I get started?

    Please refer to the User Guides below for PC and Web based how-to's:

    [Note that if you use a Mac or Linux, you are currently limited to using the OneDrive web interface.]

    Are there apps for my phone/tablet?

    Please see the Related Links section below


    I already have a personal OneDrive account, how does this affect me?

    The two services are separate. You can use both Trent's and your own personal OneDrive service if you wish. Note the consumer version is called OneDrive, whereas the Trent version is called OneDrive for Business.

    Benefits and features:

    • Easy access to your files from any computer on any network
    • Remote access
    • Easy file-sharing with co-workers and external contacts
    • Collaboration: Coworkers can work on the same document and see real-time updates
    • Files stored in OneDrive are secure and backed up many times over on Microsoft's file servers


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