I>clicker (REEF) Audience Response System


    Important Update Information:

    Effective August 16th, 2019, faculty will be required to update their iClicker desktop application to version 5.0. Please visit iClicker Downloads to update to the latest version.


    In September 2016, the University introduced a new student response system  using i>clicker REEF . i>clicker REEF can use a physical i>clicker branded remote or a iOS, Android, PC or Mac app to gather audience feedback during a class. i>clicker REEF is free of charge for instructors and students can pay a one time fee for a physical i>clicker or a recurring yearly fee for use of the mobile application. Note - students purchasing a physical i>clicker will receive a coupon for 6 months free access to the i>clicker REEF app.

    Instructors interested in adopting this technology for their classes can contact it@trentu.ca to arrange for an onboarding session

    The IT Service Desk can help students recover their i>clicker ID number if needed.  Students may attend the Service Desk on the 2nd floor of Bata Library during business hours with their i>clicker to use this service.




    Benefits and features:

    • Electronic Audience Response System
    • Instant Polling
    • Instant Feedback


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