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Information Technology

Information Technology

Schedule - Migration to Windows 10

Trent Imaged Machines


Please note that this is a TENTATIVE schedule for compatible, Trent-imaged computers. This schedule is subject to change, so please refer back periodically to confirm your planned migration date. Site visits are no longer required, as all models are now an auto-migration process. You will receive e-mail communication the week prior to, and the day of, your scheduled migration. 

Automated Migration (Phase I):

Schedule is for compatibleTrent-imaged computers throughout the month of July per the list below. This phase did not include Optiplex 780 and Optiplex 790 models (for these, see Phase II). 

Not on campus on your scheduled Phase I migration date?

No worries. If you have a compatible model that is NOT an Optiplex 780 or 790, you should see the automated prompt within 3-4 hours of logging into the campus network. If you have not seen the prompt, please send an email to it@trentu.ca and an IT Staff member will contact you.

Automated Migration (Phase II)

*Note: Originally planned as site visits, this phase has now been automated for Optiplex 780 and 790 models (check model # on the front of your tower). These migrations will be rolled out to Departments through the month of August, 2017 per the posted Phase II schedule below.

If your Department is noted as N/A under Phase II below and you have an Optiplex 780 or Optiplex 790 model, please contact Tanna Edwards via email or call x6277.

Not on campus on your scheduled Phase II auto-migration date?

No problem! When you return to campus you should have an email sent on your Department's scheduled migration date from tannaedwards@trentu.ca detailing the steps to follow to kick off the now-automated migration. Any issues - send a note to Tanna (scheduling) or to it@trentu.ca (technical issues).

Tentative Master Schedule:


Phase I 

Phase II*

Academic Skills July 19 N/A
Academic Testing Centre July 19 N/A
Alumni Affairs July 27 Aug 9
Ancient History & Classics July 14 N/A
Animal Care Facility July 7 N/A
Anthropology July 13 Aug 15
Athletics July 10 Aug 8
Bata Library - Symons July 18 Aug 14
Bata Library - Downtown & Whittington July 28 Aug 14
Bata Library - Durham/GTA July 31 Aug 14
Biology July 21 Aug 17
Business Administration July 27 Aug 16
Canadian Studies July 12 Aug 16
Career Centre July 27 N/A
Centre for Aging and Society July 27 N/A
Centre for Teaching and Learning July 27 N/A
Champlain College July 19 N/A
Chemistry July 18 Aug 16
Child and Youth Studies July 31 N/A
Communications Office July 17 N/A
Computing and Information Systems July 7 N/A
Conferences July 21 Aug 14
Counselling Centre July 13 Aug 8
Cultural Studies July 21 Aug 21
Dean of Arts & Science July 7 N/A
Economics July 27 N/A
English July 20 Aug 21
English as a Second Language July 13 Aug 9
Environmental and Life Sciences July 28 Aug 18
Trent School of the Environment (TSE) July 7 Aug 18
External Relations & Advancement July 24 Aug 15
Facilities Management July 12 Aug 18
Faculty Association N/A Aug 9
Finance Office July 20 Aug 21
Financial Aid July 19 N/A
First Peoples House of Learning July 21 N/A
Forensic Science July 10 Aug 16
Frost Centre July 7 N/A
Gender and Women's Studies July 14 Aug 9
TSE/Geography July 28 Aug 18
Grad Studies - Canadian & Native Studies N/A Aug 16
Grad Studies - Cultural Studies July 27 N/A
Grad Studies - English N/A Aug 17
Grad Studies - Modelling N/A Aug 15
Graduate Studies July 27 Aug 17
Gzowski College July 19 N/A
Health Services July 13 Aug 8
History July 24 Aug 21
Housing Office Complete Aug 8
Human Resources July 5 Aug 21
Human Rights July 7 Aug 16
Indigenous Studies July 10 Aug 14
Information Technology Complete Aug 8
International Development Studies July 7 N/A
International Office July 13 Aug 9
Lab - Doug Evans July 8 Aug 14
Lady Eaton College July 19 N/A
Mathematics July 27 Aug 14
Modern Languages & Literature July 21 N/A
Nursing Program July 11 Aug  10
Office of Student Affairs July 17 Aug 9
Office of the Registrar July 19 Aug 21
Otonabee College July 19 N/A
Philosophy July 14 N/A
Physics July 11 Aug 17
President's Office July 21 Aug 9
Print Shop Complete Aug 15
Psychology July 14 Aug 11
Recruitment & Admissions July 17 Aug 10
Research Office July 7 N/A
Risk Management July 13 Aug 9
School of Education Complete Aug 17
School of the Environment (TSE) July 7 Aug 18
Science Complex July 7 N/A
Security July 13 N/A
Social Work July 10 N/A
Sociology July 21 Aug 16
Strategic Enrolment Management July 20 N/A
Student Accessibility Services Complete Aug 8
Traill College July 14 N/A
Trent Online Complete N/A
Trent University Durham Aug 1 Aug 21
University Secretariat July 21 Aug 9
VP Academic July 7 Aug 21
VP, Finance & Admin N/A Aug 9
Water Quality Centre July 8 Aug 17
Watershed Science Centre July 7 N/A