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    RezNet is the Internet service for Trent University students living in residence in one of the colleges on the Symons campus.

    The wireless network RezNet is a secure and encrypted network. Access to this network requires a log-in and is available to Symons Campus residence students only.

    Scan or click on the QR code below, answer the configuration prompts using the drop-down buttons (country,  institution, user group (service) you wish to connect to (eduroam OR RezNet), and your particular device). It will identify the correct installer. Download the installer and follow the next set of prompts to complete the setup.


    You must do this for each device with which you wish to connect to either of Trent's networks.

    Scannable QR code to access both eduroam and RezNet on campus

    RezNet-Guest is an open and insecure wireless network. Although it also requires a login, it may be used by anyone with a valid Trent account. This network is only intended for use by:

    • residence visitors and
    • students residing on Symons Campus, when using devices that are not capable of authenticating to a secure network.

    Each room also has a network jack for wired devices. These wired ports also provide 20M maximum up/down speeds, but do not require logins.

    Benefits and features:

    • Internet Service for Student Residents on Symons Campus





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