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Information Technology

Information Technology

Support Model for Privately Owned Non-Supported Spaces

This project is intended to complete three actions;

  1. Publish a list of supported classrooms
  2. Inventory equipment in non-supported rooms
  3. Devise a charge back model for the support provided in non-supported rooms.

Learning Space Rating System

This project is initiated to develop a Learning Space Rating System.

This system would allow us to be able to rate learning spaces for the purposes of space renewal and utilization.

Move to Term Billing

This project is intended to move us to Term Billing.

Network Drawings

The outcome from this project is a digitization of existing network drops contained in all buildings.  Additionally, a plan on how to keep this documentation up-to-date is a part of this project.

Assessment and Potential Move to Drupal 8

This project is intended to assess the impact of a migration to Drupal 8 and tyo schedule such an upgrade if feasible.   This will keep our website environment up-to-date and will allow us to take advantage of future features and modules.

Access Manager Migration

Migration of the Access Manager Product to another solution. This project is a part of the Novell to Microsoft migration initiated in the previous year.

OUAC Import - Phase II

<p>This is year two of an existing project to re-code the OUAC import to reflect the new XML based standards.</p>

Net Tuition Billing

This project is intended to ensure that we remain active and informed about the effects of the provincial and federal budgets towards grant treatment and net tuition billing.

Support the Implementation of a New Athletic System

The Department of Athletics & Recreation currently uses the Class Recreation Management Software to support all of its core business operations and financial transactions. This includes facility management and bookings; all program registrations (fitness, swim lessons, leadership programs, camps); membership sales; and campus recreation registration.

Creating Policies on Securing Data and Data Classification

This project is intended to lead the creation of a number of policies to both classify and secure institutional data.