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Information Technology

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Information Technology

Blackboard - Weighted Column Issue

Dear Faculty and Staff, 

For those of you who calculate final grades in Blackboard:

Blackboard support has identified a new issue introduced in the mandatory October upgrade that relates to the use of weighted grades in the Blackboard grade center and the running total setting. When the running total setting is set to yes in a weighted column, the resulting calculation either does not display or displays an incorrect value.

Trent IT always recommends that running total be set to no in the Blackboard grade center, as it determines how columns with no grades are handled by the system and provides additional safeguards to ensure grades are calculated correctly.

With the introduction of this issue into our environment, we recommend reviewing weighted columns in the Blackboard grade center to make sure this value is set correctly. The following tutorial on the IT website will overview the process for checking grade columns to determine this setting: https://www.trentu.ca/it/services/blackboard-faculty-review-weighted-grade-center-columns  

This issue only impacts those who calculate their final grades in Blackboard.  This issue did not affect our system before October of this year, so previous grades calculated in Blackboard are not impacted.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact it@trentu.ca for assistance. 

Thank You


Tariq Al-idrissi

Associate Vice President, IT

Trent University


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Posted on November 22, 2017