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Information Technology

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Information Technology

Tech Bulletin: Changes to Novell Technologies

Dear Staff and Faculty, 

For many years, Trent University has operated our IT infrastructure utilizing products sold by the Novell corporation, which manage many of the services that we operate on a daily basis including access to network files (H:\ and S:\) printing and workstation logins. While these products have served us well in the past, the technology has changed and market share for Novell has been rapidly declining over the last several years. This has forced us to re-evaluate our vendor choices in order to produce cost savings and introduce improvements. To that end, Trent IT has selected the Microsoft Windows Server and the Active Directory platform to replace our existing Novell infrastructure.

This change will take many forms over the next 6 months, and the majority of the work will be completed with minimal impact to our users. However, the scope of this change is extensive and some of our service processes will need to change as a result.

One of the most visible changes will be a migration of the Shared S: drive to the new Microsoft services. We understand that the data stored on the S: drive is of critical value to our community and a focal point of operations. However, the current permission and file structure used by Novell is not compatible with Microsoft standards and will need to be re-engineered. 

We are working to develop tools and processes to make this as seamless as possible, however, in the interim, we recommend that departments review the documents that have been posted in S: drive folders, delete old data and review the trustee rights assignment reports as they are sent. This will ensure that when migrations do happen, they can proceed in an organized fashion.

We will be asking all departments to assign a departmental contact, to work with our technicians to ensure a secure, seamless migration of the data.

Like many of our projects we will establish a website to document the project progress, frequently asked questions and links to training resources.

Thank you for your time and patience while we work to improve these important services and please stay tuned for future tech bulletins outlining the technology and upcoming action items.


Thank You

Tariq Al-idrissi

Associate Vice President, IT

Trent University



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Posted on November 14, 2017