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Information Technology

Trent Student Taps into Food Cravings with Creation of New Mobile App

Up-and-coming entrepreneur Sultan Moni creates Zatiq; a platform that allows user to discover new food options in their community

Trent University Computer Science student and entrepreneur Sultan Moni is at it again. Known for his entrepreneurial spirit and ambition, Mr. Moni is most recently generating a lot of interest in his new mobile app, Zatiq, which aims to change the way people choose restaurants to dine in.

Zatiq is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to help its users not only discover new restaurants in their neighbourhood, but also helps find the perfect place that matches with their food cravings. By combining both the user’s food preferences and mood at the time of the search, to the app creates a personalized platform that will help users discover new food and find the exact dish they desire.

“People are always hungry but often never know what they want to eat,” says Mr. Moni. “I wanted to solve that problem since there are so many different types of meals to discover.”

The app also includes the opportunity to follow other user’s profiles, creating a space to people to rank restaurants and post pictures of their delicious meals. It also provides the chance for people using the app to collect points that will lead to discounts and other rewards at participating businesses.

“Zatiq is designed to have user input in all aspects of the app for the most personalized experience possible, so community feedback is very important for the growth of the experience,” says Mr. Moni.

Posted on July 21, 2017