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Information Technology

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Information Technology

Windows 10 Upgrade Schedule

Links to FAQ and additional information & training

Dear Faculty and Staff,

We are pleased to announce our Windows 10 upgrade schedule.

Dates have been assigned to all departments.  Please see the schedule below for the date assigned to your department


Our migration team have been working very hard to deliver an in-place and minimally disruptive upgrade, leveraging the same technology Microsoft has used to deliver Windows 10 worldwide.

What happens on your scheduled upgrade day?

If you are working on an IT managed computer you will be prompted with a message on your first login of the day. It will describe the process and will offer an opt-in/opt-out option. Opt out is only to be used on computers running instrumentation, or computers running mission critical software that has known Windows 10 compatibility issues.

You will then be free to work the rest of your day without interruption.  The migration has been scheduled to run over night and in the morning you'll be greeted with a Windows 10 login screen.

You will login with the same username and password as you always have.  Your Outlook settings, background, desktop etc. Will be just as they were in Windows 7.

For additional details including a short video of what exactly will happen during your scheduled upgrade:  https://www.trentu.ca/it/windows-10-upgrade-process

Please note, this upgrade will apply only to IT managed computers compatible with Windows 10.  Check here to see if your model is compatible https://www.trentu.ca/it/services/windows-10#Matrix

For frequently asked questions: https://www.trentu.ca/it/services/windows-10


Other related links:


If you have any questions about our ongoing efforts to bring Windows 10 to the Trent community, please contact it@trentu.ca


Thank You


Tariq Al-idrissi

Associate Vice President, IT

Trent University



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Posted on July 5, 2017