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Information Technology

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Information Technology

Blackboard Inline Grading and Content Management

Enhancements to Service

Greetings Faculty and Staff,

IT is excited to announce the following improvements to our Blackboard Learn environment that are now available for general use:

Inline Grading

Blackboard has partnered with the popular cloud service to provide the ability for instructors to review and annotate documents directly inside the Blackboard environment without the need to download submitted files. Additionally, students will now have the ability to preview uploaded work to ensure successful upload. This enhancement is designed to save time and effort when marking assignments, and is a feature that has been heavily requested by Blackboard users.

With this service and any cloud hosting provider it’s important to understand the potential privacy implications. With this feature enabled, any documents submitted to a Blackboard assignment drop box will be uploaded to servers residing outside of Canada. Trent IT takes your privacy very seriously, and has conducted a detailed risk assessment on the Blackboard hosting provider and have found their privacy controls to be satisfactory. However, if serious privacy concerns are encountered during a class, it’s recommended that a physical submit option be made available to students.

For more information on Blackboard Inline Grading including how-to information and FAQs regarding the privacy implications please click here.

Content Management

Additionally, Blackboard Learn now contains a new feature for managing content across many courses. Blackboard Content Collection is a new tab along the top menu bar of Blackboard Learn that will enable instructors to upload content into a centralized, user specific repository. Once a file has been uploaded into your content collection, it can be shared with many courses without the need to separately upload it again. This enhancement also provides the ability to have a shared resource pool, where instructors can share individual course artifacts with the entire institution if they wish.

This enhancement is designed to streamline the process of uploading files to Blackboard, and make sharing content across courses easier than ever.

For more information on Blackboard Content Management, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns related to the above enhancements, please contact

Thank You

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Posted on July 26, 2016