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Information Technology

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Information Technology

Eduroam Wireless Network Coming Soon

Taking over from Soon to be Retired "AirTrent"

You may have noticed our ‘Eduroam’ wireless network around campus. Eduroam provides the same connection and speed as AirTrent, however it has one key benefit AirTrent doesn’t have; worldwide availability.

Eduroam provides current students, faculty, and staff with fast, secure, and reliable access to wireless services at Trent University and at participating institutions in 70 countries worldwide. There are 19 educational institutions in Ontario alone using Eduroam.

What does this mean?

You can access ‘FREE’ wireless when you login with your full Trent email and password on the Eduroam network, regardless of where you are on the Eduroam network. Configure your device or phone here, at Trent, before you attempt to connect at another institution. You only need to configure it once, and you’re ready to roam!

Why does this concern me?

We will be retiring AirTrent and switching to Eduroam completely byAugust 31st, 2015. You will need to have all of your devices switched to Eduroam before that date.

What should I do to prepare?

Since Eduroam is already functional, we recommend that you migrate your computer and devices to Eduroam right now. Simply connect them to Eduroam instead of AirTrent:

You can run the configurator from this website with your computer/phone/tablet : https://www.trentu.ca/it/connect/

Or simply locate the Eduroam wireless network on your device, select it and login with your full Trent email and your MyTrent password
E.g. username : johnsmith@trentu.ca - password : mytrentpassword

Is that all?

Once you are connected to Eduroam on your devices, you are fully prepared for the upcoming retirement of AirTrent! You are then free to delete/forget the AirTrent network from your device altogether.

For further information on Eduroam and to identify institutions that are currently part of the Eduroam network, please follow this link :http://www.canarie.ca/identity/eduroam/

If you have any issues regarding Eduroam, please contact the Service desk at it@trentu.ca or705 748 1010.

Posted on May 6, 2015