Changing your Password

The password for your Trent account is the only thing stopping others from reading your e-mail messages and accessing your documents. It is extremely important that you do not share this password with anyone.

All Trent students, staff and faculty are provided with their own personal login name and password, free of charge. When you first receive this username and password, please follow the steps outlined below to add a secondary email address or an SMS phone number which can be used to reset your password in the event it is compromised or you lose it.

Once you have followed the steps below, the automated password update/change process is available 24/7/365 if you indicate you have forgotten your password at the myTrent login screen, using the link provided.

  1. Log in to myTrent via the web at
  2. Click on the Account' icon (or your picture if you've enabled a photo) at the top left.

Screen shot representing Step 2 of My Account icon from upper left corner of MyTrent portal

  1. On the dropdown menu, choose 'Change Password' option
  2. Choose "Update Profile" and enter your secondary email address and SMS phone number which will allow you to request a new password in future if you lose or forget it.
  3. In the password boxes provided, enter your old password and your new password where specified.

Screen shot for New Password and confirmation of New password (Step 5)

  1. Once you see the banner indicating that your password has been accepted, click the 'Logout' button at the upper right.

Screen shot of Change Password screen with the Logout button highlighted by a red square in upper right of screen (Step 4)


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