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Chanie Wenjack School

Gowski College in the moonlight from across the Otonabee river
for Indigenous Studies

Chanie Wenjack School

The Enweying Professional Learning Institute

The Enweying Institute is an emerging professional learning centre that will employ both Western and Indigenous ways of learning to offer knowledge and skills identified by local Indigenous communities, organizations and professionals. "Enweying" is an Anishinaabemowin word meaning, "the way we speak together". The Enweying Institute will provide experiential, foundational knowledge for communities, organizations and professionals whose work affects Indigenous-settler Canadian relations, interactions and services.

Initiated in 2018 as part of the Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies, Enweying Institute will grow in many directions. It will offer short weekend courses, longer educational programs on a weekly or seasonal basis, workshops, and combined in-person and online modules. Our goal is to foster conversations and deeper understanding among different disciplines, perspectives, knowledge systems, and methods of inquiry. In collaboration with diverse groups looking for training and learning, we will be able to develop creative, co-designed custom programs in appropriate formats, offering accredited or non-accredited learning courses. Our instructors will include Indigenous Elders, skilled Indigenous trainers, non-Indigenous colleagues and other professionals with particular kinds of expertise to complement our core competency in Indigenous studies and Indigenous knowledge. Where appropriate, we will also seek partnerships and collaborations with other communities, individuals and organizations that provide educational opportunities.

As a starting point, we are offering a three-day signature course in May and June 2018.  This course is designed to reach educators and service providers to impart the knowledge they need to work effectively in indigenous contexts.  The first day will be dedicated to providing foundational contextual knowledge.  The second day will be about learning from the land and water. It will give participants the opportunity to have an immersive experience, which is essential to Indigenous knowledges and worldviews. The last day will be specific to the particular work contexts, providing time to think about how participants will apply this information and knowledge to their particular work area. At the end of the course, participants will be eligible for an Enweying Professional Learning Institute certificate.

The Enweying Institute will provide experiential and foundational learning and training that engages people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in a holistic way. The opportunities that will be offered are very comprehensive for people willing to start or continue on the journey of change and transformational learning. We look forward to learning and sharing within the Institute of the way we speak together.

Meet the Director

Dr. Lynne Davis, director, Enweying Professional Learning Institute