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Chanie Wenjack School

Dancers on stage in brightly coloured outfits performing a dance
for Indigenous Studies

Chanie Wenjack School

Nozhem: First Peoples' Performance Space

Indigenous performance and Cultural Studies students will surely be familiar with Nozhem: First Peoples Performance Space, but others might not be.

Nozhem: First Peoples Performance Space, (FPPS) is located on the first floor of Enweying Building, room 101, at the end of the long passageway on the north-west side of the building.

Nozhem: FPPS has seating for one hundred people, and is unique in that, unlike traditional Western style performance spaces, this theatre is intended to be used “for ceremony, as a vessel to pour forth and nurture Aboriginal oral tradition, language, and knowledge.”  

The relatively small size of the venue means that audience members are invited to develop an up-close and personal relationship with the many artists, singers, dancers, and performers, making Nozhem: FPPS a rare gem on campus.

Nozhem: FPPS is the only publicly funded Indigenous Performance Space in Canada. 

Article in The Arthur: Distinguishing Names and Places in the Big Cheese