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International Development Studies

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International Development Studies

Student's Book Review Submitted for Scholarly Journal

Rachel McLeod's take on Gender and Mobility: A Critical Introduction acknowledged in a big way

When fourth-year International Development Studies student Rachel McLeod sought out Trent professor Dr. Haroon Akram-Lodhi to undertake a reading course, she did so knowing he would “push” her towards attaining “a more critical understanding of the topic of gender and migration.”

And Professor Akram-Lodhi did just that. Recently, Ms. McLeod’s analysis of Gender and Mobility: A Critical Introduction was submitted for peer-review in the Canadian Journal of Development Studies. Prof. Akram-Lodhi is editor-in-chief of the quarterly publication, Canada's top-ranked interdisciplinary social sciences journal produced by an international publisher for a global audience.

“This opportunity has fit in perfectly with my other courses as I find myself using ideas that I took away from the book and applying them to other courses and relevant assignments,” says Ms. McLeod. “Human mobility globally is growing and the movement of people will likely never end. It is important to gain a good grasp of the reasons and circumstances of why people move. The gender aspect is especially important because leaving gender out of a study such as migration leaves out a huge factor of why, how, and where people move.”

Ms. McLeod says she was attracted to Trent by Trent-in-Ecuador, a program that provides students the opportunity to spend a full academic year in Ecuador working with an organization that assists refugees from Colombia and Venezuela.

“My education at Trent, especially my time in Ecuador, has prepared, and inspired me for my future career path,” says Ms. McLeod. “Beyond Trent, I’m hoping to go to graduate school for gender and refugee studies. This opportunity has provided me with an excellent base knowledge for pursuing relevant education. I'm sure having something published in my name will also help.”

Posted on March 28, 2018