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Human Resources

OPSEU/ Exempt Recruitment

How to hire an OPSEU/EXEMPT Employee

Step 1: Finalize Job Description

Update or create the position description. New or significantly revised descriptions may require to be re-evaluated by the Job Evaluation Committee. Please email the completed job description to Sehrish Butt for evaluation.

Step 2: Complete Staffing Request Form

Once the job description has been banded, a Permanent Staffing Form or Temporary Staffing Form must be submitted by email to Danielle Hoogkamer, in the Department of Human Resources to start the approval process.

You must open the PDF and download/save to your computer prior to filling out the form. You will not be able to save the information on the form using the web browser view. Please ensure you open the file saved on your computer to fill out the form.

Step 3: Prepare Job Posting

Once the Staffing Form has been approved, Human Resources will notify the hiring manager, and will finalize the job posting (if applicable). Human Resources will work with the hiring manager to determine where to post the position. Human Resources will collect and record all applications received. Staff members who wish to be considered for a vacancy must submit a covering letter and résumé to Human Resources within the time limit indicated. Applications from external candidates will not be reviewed until internal applicants are considered.

Step 4: Form Selection Committee

Once a position is posted, the hiring manager must form a Selection Committee. Please advise Danielle Hoogkamer in the Department of Human Resources of the composition of your selection committee.

  • For Regular/Recurring positions, your committee should consist of three (3) Managers/Supervisors. One Manager/Supervisor must be external to the hiring department. 
  • For contract positions, a minimum of two (2)  Managers/Supervisors are required.
  • OPSEU members and students cannot be on the scoring interview committee, but may be allowed to sit as an observer (with approval by Human Resources). 

Step 5: Develop Interview/Testing Questions

The hiring manager and/ or selection committee must develop the interview questions, and testing, which can be done using the Selection Evaulation Form. Please send Danielle Hoogkamer in Human Resources the interview questions and testing (with the points assigned to each question) for review. 

Step 6: Review Applications

The applications will NOT be released to the Manager/Supervisor until after #4 and #5, above, are provided to Human Resources to review. Once the committee and interview/testing has been reviewed by Human Resources, the applications will be sent electronically to the Hiring Manager and/or Selection Committee.

Step 7: Arrange Interviews/Testing

Advise Danielle Hoogkamer of the candidates you wish to interview and date/s of the interviews. Human Resources can assist with setting up the interviews/testing, or the Manager/Supervisor may do so but  please advise HR of the schedule. All candidates must be asked the same interview questions (previously reviewed by HR), by the same members of the committee. Testing must also be the same for all candidates. 

Step 8: Check References

Reference Check Form must be completed by the hiring manager for the top candidate(s) only. A minimum of three (3) references must completed. 

Step 9: Submit Recommendation to Human Resources

All scores (interviews & testing), references, and interview notes for each member of committee must be returned to HR along with a total summary sheet of scores, and a recommendation of which candidate should be offered the position. These will be reviewed by HR prior to an offer being made.

Step 10: Make a Verbal Offer

Once HR reviews recommendation, the hiring manager will be informed they can make a verbal offer to the successful candidate. Once accepted by the candidate, please inform HR the details of the appointment letter (starte date, salary etc.). HR will draft a letter for the successful candidate, and will send it to the hiring manager to sign and issue to the candidate.

Step 11: Contact Unsuccessful Candidates

The hiring manager may contact the unsuccessful candidates after HR has approved hiring decision. HR can also send a formal letter to the unsuccessful candidates, if requested. Internal OPSEU applicants, who are not interviewed or successful, will be notified in writing by HR, and may request the reasons for the decision. If the reasons are requested by the applicant, the letter is prepared by the Manager/Supervisor in consultation with HR.

If you have any questions concerning this process or the procedures which should be followed please contact the HR department. Good luck with your search!