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Wondering how to go about renting a mini-fridge? Questions about Internet service? Here’s everything you need to know about the services available to you while you’re living in residence.


Parking permits are required to park anywhere on campus.  More information about parking at Traill college and the Symons campus can be found at www.trentu.ca/parking

Living at an Annex?

With a slightly off campus location, sometimes students with vehicles living in the Champlain College Annex, Lady Eaton Annex, and Gzowski College Annex want to park right outside their front door.  To accommodate requests, Housing Services runs a lottery (a random draw) for parking spaces in the annex parking lots.  The best part is, these spaces are free!

If you are interested in participating in the lottery there are two short steps:

1. Confirm you live at an Annex. Only students living at Champlain College Annex, Lady Eaton Annex, and Gzowski College Annex may participate in the lottery. Make sure the room you chose is in one of those locations and you’ll receive information on the lottery to your trentu.ca email address in early August.

2. Submit your name. In early August, you will be provided with information on how to submit your name and vehicle details to be entered into the draw for a free parking space. That’s it!

When you’ll hear back from us.

All students will hear back from us in mid-August as to the results of the parking pass lottery.  If you are unsuccessful in the lottery process, you can purchase a parking pass through the Parking Office on campus, and all Trent University students get a bus pass!

Food services

Here’s where to go for information about dining plans and food service venues on campus. Have a specific dietary concern? Our food services staff will be happy to help.

Internet, TV, and phone

Here’s what you need to know about getting connected online and, if you wish, signing up for phone service and/or Cable TV.

Internet is included in your residence fees.  For students residing on Symons campus and at Traill College Reznet provides you with full internet access.  For students living in an Annex, internet is provided through external providers.
Cable TV  Cogeco
Telephone Services  Nexicom 

Other services

Fridge (rental)  Coldex
Linens  Campus Linens 
Parking  Parking Information

Maintenance and caretaking services

Something in your room in need of repair? You can authorize maintenance personnel to enter your room and make the necessary repairs by submitting a residence maintenance request. If the matter is urgent, simply contact the Don on Call:

Champlain College: 705-931-2307
Champlain Annex: 705-931-1683
Gzowski College: 705-931-0831
Gzowski College Annex: 705-875-0469 
Lady Eaton College: 705-931-0378
Lady Eaton College Annex:705-760-43316
Otonabee College: 705-931-0831

Trying to figure out where to do laundry? Every residence is equipped with washers and dryers (either coin-operated or swipe-card operated).

Note: While you are responsible for keeping your own space clean while you’re living in residence (your bedroom, suite, common space, and/or bathroom, if applicable), caretaking services are responsible for keeping public spaces clean, including the Common Room (although students are expected to pick up after themselves). These public spaces are maintained from Monday to Friday.

Still have questions? Drop us a line at  residence@trentu.ca