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School of Graduate Studies

Young Municipal Candidates speak with POST Students on importance of Voting

The atmosphere was electric

Maryam Monsef (Mayoral Candidate), Paul Teleki (Councillor candidate, Ashburnham Ward), and Diane Therrien (Councillor candidate, Town Ward) spoke to students in POST-CAST 2010Y Canadian Politics on why it is important for young people to get involved in their communities and in formal politics. The atmosphere was electric!

'Decisions are made by City Council that will affect you, your friends, your family, your children, and your grandchildren.' - Maryam Monsef

'Citizens need to be listened to and heard.' - Paul Teleki

'Getting involved in decisions is the essence of democracy.' - Diane Therrien

According to the 2014 Voting Guide:

There is a special rule for students who may be living away from home while they attend school. If you are a student and consider your “home” to be the place where you live when you are not attending school (i.e. you plan on returning there), then you are eligible to vote in both your “home” municipality and in the municipality where you currently live while attending school.

All candidates encouraged each and everyone in the class to vote and to encourage their friends and family to vote.

Posted on September 30, 2014