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School of Graduate Studies

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School of Graduate Studies

Graduate Student Funding

Funding Options

Financial Support for graduate students may be available from a variety of sources and may include:

  • External scholarships, fellowship and other merit awards from governmental, industrial and other granting bodies in Canada.
  • Internal scholarships, awards or prizes
  • Tuition bursaries, awarded to students based on financial need.  Many bursaries are provided by the generous support of external donors.​
  • Loan from the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Ontario students in need of funding for their education should visit the Ontario Student Assistance Program website. 

Students enrolled full-time in research based programs may be eligible for funding from a variety of sources which may include:

  • Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs), for teaching, leading seminars and/or laboratory demonstrating.
  • Research Fellowship Awards(RFAs), from supervising faculty members who hold research grants.
  • Internal Funding: Entrance Awards, Research Fellowships, Dean’s PhD Scholarships.
  • Research Assistantships (RAs) with faculty members who hold research grants.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships administered by Trent University will be paid through the university payroll office, on a monthly basis. Scholarships awarded for the calendar year are normally paid in three equal installments in September, January, and May.

Please review our Scholarships Page & Bursaries Page for more information and guidance.