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School of Graduate Studies

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School of Graduate Studies

Scholarships & Bursaries

The School of Graduate Studies creates annually a list of available scholarships and internal applications deadlines.     
Scholarship Application Deadlines for 2018-19 (tenable 2019-20) 

External Scholarship Opportunities

In the case of major scholarship competitions, students currently registered at Trent must meet an earlier deadline set by the University. Application forms and information regarding external scholarships may be obtained from the School of Graduate Studies. Full-time students entering a second year of graduate study at Trent, or those planning further study at another university, should demonstrate that they have applied for external funding. External scholarships are awarded on academic merit, not financial need.

Provincial External Scholarships

Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) 

allocated within each university and not transferable across the university system.  Each university have its own form and process but will all adhere to provincial guidelines.  Students apply to the institution they plan to attend. Trent School of Graduate Studies Deadline – January 21, 2019

There are changes to the application process this year, students must submit a complete OGS application in order to be considered for an award.  Tri Council applications will no longer be considered.   Students must also submit copies of all official transcripts of previous institutions attended.

Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology (QEII-GSST)  

awards are merit-based scholarships available to students doing research in science and technology. Students apply to the institution they plan to attend.

QEII- GSST- Guidelines

The Ontario Trillium Scholarships (OTS) program will serve as a significant initiative to attract the best qualified international students to Ontario for PhD studies.  An OTS has a value of $40,000 yearly, is awarded to a recipient for a maximum of four years. To be eligible for this award, students must be an international student intending to pursue full-time doctoral studies at Trent University, have a completed graduate application by March 1st and have achieved a first-class average in each of the two years of full-time study prior to being awarded the OTS.  

National External Scholarships

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship Opportunity

Trent University Deadline January 21, 2019

*Submit to the Scholarship Portal by this date, and advise Jane Rennie, Graduate Finance Officer

This opportunity is open to doctoral students already accepted into or are currently in year one, two, or three of a full-time program in the humanities or social sciences whose work relates to one of the Foundations’ four themes:

  • Human Rights and Dignity;
  • Responsible Citizenship;
  • Canada and the World; and
  • People and their Natural Environment

Application can be found:

Tri-Council Agencies (NSERC, CIHR, SSHRC), is a major supporter of exceptional research focused graduate research.

Helpful Links & Tips

Trent University Scholarship Adjudication Process

All application files are accepted, reviewed and processed by the School of Graduate Studies.  Eligible applications are provided to members of the Graduate Scholarships Subcommittee of Graduate Studies Committee. Typically, three members of the committee are assigned to a competition and they review and rank the applications.  Every adjudication process is guided by each scholarship’s criteria guidelines.

Committee membership is determined by the Terms of Reference of the committee.

The conduct of the Committee is guided by Trent University Conflict of Interest Policy

Scholarship decisions are final and no appeals are accepted. 


Bursary applications are to be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies - Science Complex room 201

The bursary program for graduate students at Trent University is administered by the School of Graduate Studies. Bursaries are meant to supplement, not replace, provincial government aid programs and a student’s own resources.

Students are required to submit a completed application to the Graduate Studies office by the advertised deadline. The application must include to be deemed complete:

  • Application form    Fall Deadline- Friday October 19, 2018
  • A budget that outlines student expenses and resources. Expenses should reflect direct educational costs only. Resources include, but are not limited to, money received from government student aid programs, parents, scholarships, awards, supervisory support and employment earnings. * if you have a half or full GTA it must be clearly stated
  • A brief outline of research
  • A personal statement regarding your current financial circumstance
  • Receipts of any additional expenses that you have indicated in your personal letter
  • Proof of debt load if claiming high debt load

Many students need some form of financial assistance in order to achieve their academic goal.  Ontario Student Assistance Program overview specific to graduate students.

Thomas J. Bata Memorial Graduate Scholarship

This Fund was established in honour of Thomas J. Bata (1914-2008), by his wife Sonja Bata and their family.  The scholarship will recognize Mr. Bata’s service and dedication to Trent University. Mr. Bata was one of Trent`s original honorary sponsors, a member of Trent’s Board of Governors between 1963 - 1973 and a close friend of Founding President Prof. T. H. B. Symons.  In his business and personal endeavors, Mr. Bata exemplified the values recognized in this scholarship.

Jack Matthews Study and Research Abroad

Named in honour of the founding director of the Trent International Program and Honorary Degree recipient. Awarded to graduate students studying and researching in an international setting as part of a Trent graduate program. Ontario residents only.        Application form

Dr. Alicja and Dr. Gosia Zobel Graduate Student Conference Fund

Dr. Alicja Zobel and Dr. Gosia Zobel wish to support students to attend conferences to advance their studies in science, philosophy, or women’s studies and related fields. They are especially interested in the intersection of science, politics and critical thinking.  They see science as important for activism and policy work: e.g. water quality, conservation, improved animal welfare standards on farm. Application Form.

William B. Reid Graduate Scholarship

Preference will be given to students of Indigenous heritage from Canada or U.S.A.  This funding opportunity is intended to encourage study and research opportunities for students of indigenous heritage who have completed at least two terms of graduate studies at Trent University. Application Form.

Five Sisters PhD Award

This Award honours the lives and contributions of the five Moraff Sisters, the daughters of Herman (Hymie) Moraff and Ida Feder Moraff who came to Canada in their youth and settled in the Mi'kmaq territory of Sydney, NS. Encouraged by their parents, all five sisters undertook post-secondary education before marrying, which was contrary to popular custom in the 1940s and 1950s.  They held advanced education in high esteem and encouraged their children to complete college/university in their chosen fields.

Other External Awards