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School of Graduate Studies


School of Graduate Studies

Graduate Student Registration

Graduate Registration will open online August 1st

> Log into myTrent. Select the "REGISTER" tab at the top right corner.                 


> Select the "COURSE REGISTRATION" icon to access registration system.

> Registration for students in graduate programs is a two step process.

STEP 1: Register in your program

  • Each term1, you must register in one of the following:
    • GSFT-800 or GSPT-800  (for full time and part time doctoral students)
    • GSFT-500 or GSPT-500A   (for full time and part time master students)
    • GSFT-500B or GSPT-500B  (for all Master of Education students)
  • Registering for one of these choices serves to activate your registration in the program for the term. You will be considered active and charged tuition based on this completed step.
  • Students can register starting in August for all three terms of the academic year. Highly encouraged for students applying for provincial loans.


1. TERM: 2018 Grad Studies Fall Term

2. SUBJECT: Graduate Studies Full Time

STEP 2: Register for graduate courses

  • At the graduate level, course registration normally occurs after consultation with your Supervisor and Graduate department. Once you have your course selection, register for your courses online through MyTrent.


1. TERM: 2018 Grad Studies Fall Term

2. SUBJECT: Anthropology

1The School of Graduate Studies has three (3) terms in a year:

  • GF = Fall term (September 1-December 31)
  • GW = Winter term (January 1-April 30) 
  • GS = Spring term (May 1- August 31)