Special Appeals Committee Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

A standing committee of Senate, reporting to Senate

  • An impartial adjudicative appeal body of last resort for students on academic matters, whose decisions are final and without further appeal
  • To judge whether the application of University regulations, policies or practices, has caused undue hardship on any student who appeals, and to prescribe appropriate* relief, which may include asking a University body that has previously rejected a student appeal to reconsider the case
  • The committee will hear appeals only after other appeal processes have been exhausted and will not hear cases that are currently before other University bodies
  • The committee is authorized to adopt procedures to ensure that student appeals are dealt with fairly and expeditiously
  • Where appropriate, the committee shall draw the attention of relevant University bodies or individuals to any regulations, policies or practices that are giving rise to student appeals so that they may be examined.

* Any relief offered to students in programs leading to a regulated profession may be constrained by professional accrediting bodies or placement agencies. Members of the SAC may not offer relief that would contravene or undermine externally determined standards or requirements that apply to students.


7 faculty (representation across the university*) - including Chair
5 students (2 named by TCSA, 1 named by TGSA and 1 named by TDSA)
Associate University Secretary (Senate) (secretary, non-voting)
*Including representation from the Schools of Nursing and Education where