Professor Graham Cogley

M.A., Oxford
M.Sc., McMaster
Ph.D., McMaster

Research and Teaching Interests:

Graham Cogley is a physical geographer with interests in glaciology, climatology, geomorphology and geographical information science. He is responsible for the maintenance of Trent's long-standing programme of mass-balance and other glaciological measurements at Expedition Fiord, Axel Heiberg Island, and of a database of worldwide mass-balance and hydrographic measurements, which have been the basis for several of his published papers in recent years. He has also done work on glaciological remote sensing, land-surface climate modelling, map projections and the glacial geomorphology of the Peterborough area.

Prof. Cogley's teaching interests parallel his research interests. His current undergraduate courses include GEOG240-Geology, GEOG256H-Large-scale Geomorphology, GEOG341H-Climatic Change, and GEOG351H-Glacial and Quaternary Geomorphology and he occasionally teaches GEOG246H-The Global Climate System, GEOG353H-Hydrology and GEOG440-Research in Physical Geography. The supervision of theses by senior undergraduates is an important part of teaching in the Trent Geography Department. These theses often lead to publications in the scientific literature. Cogley and McIntyre (2003; see below) is an example of a paper based on work by Matt McIntyre, a recent graduate of the program.

Selected Recent Publications:

Cogley, J.G., R. Hock, L.A. Rasmussen, A.A. Arendt, A. Bauder, R.J. Braithwaite, P. Jansson, G. Kaser, M. Möller, L. Nicholson and M. Zemp, 2011, Glossary of Glacier Mass Balance and Related Terms, Technical Documents in Hydrology No. 86, UNESCO-IHP, Paris.

Bolch, T., A. Kulkarni, A. Kääb, C. Huggel, F. Paul, J.G. Cogley, H. Frey, J.S. Kargel, K. Fujita, M. Scheel, M. Stoffel and S. Bajracharya, 2012, The state and fate of Himalayan glaciers, Science, 336, 310-314.

Church, J.A., N.J. White, L.F. Konikow, C.M. Domingues, J.G. Cogley, E. Rignot, J.M. Gregory, M.R. van den Broeke, A.J. Monaghan and I. Velicogna, 2011, Revisiting the Earth’s sea-level and energy budgets from 1961 to 2008, Geophysical Research Letters, 38(18), L18601, 2011GL048974.

Gardner, A.S., G. Moholdt, B. Wouters, G.J. Wolken, D.O. Burgess, M.J. Sharp, J.G. Cogley, C. Braun and C. Labine, 2011, Sharply increased mass loss from glaciers and ice caps in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Nature,437, 357-360.

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Cogley, J.G., 2009, Geodetic and direct mass-balance measurements: comparison and joint analysis, Annals of Glaciology, 50(50), 96-100.

Cogley, J.G., and M.S. McIntyre, 2003, Hess altitudes and related
morphological estimators of glacier equilibrium lines, Arctic, Antarctic and
Alpine Research
, 35(4), 482-488.